Farewell Chocolate, my dear friend

Today I am starting one of the biggest challenges of my life…

I’m choosing to give up chocolate for lent!


A whole 46 days chocolate free, am I mad? possibly!
There are a number of reasons behind this decision…

Firstly, I am fat! not rounded around the edges or a little squidgy… FAT!
Secondly, recently I had the opportunity to submit a health question via Fun As A Gran.  My question was about tiredness and it came back that I was likely to be suffering from adrenal exhaustion.  This is due to my chocolate eating as a pick me up but in fact it is doing more harm than good.

Finally, I was christened and raised as a Catholic and would like to realign myself with the beliefs I once held.

It’s going to be a rocky road (did you catch my chocolate joke??) but in the long run it can only be a good thing.  So I’m hoping that you will all support me as I step into a chocolate free world.

Boo xxx

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