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November 20, 2020

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Planning dishes for dinner or lunch can be intimidating. Right? But the bigger task than this is to arrange things required to make the dish. So, to make these queries easy, what we need a website that offers both the recipe box and the ingredients. After reading the above sentence, one name that comes to my mind is

The website was designed by keeping the comfortability of the customers in mind. But how does this make it comfortable for the customers? Containing hundreds of recipes listed and offers those recipes at the cost of £3 for 4 recipes. But that’s it? No. It also provides its customers with the required spices along with the step by step recipe guide. This feature is very helpful for those who have a hectic schedule, or who stay in a mess to make a delicious meal.

Simplycook Meals

Simplycook Spices

SimplyCook takes care of the spices they prepare. Their chefs magically put natural flavours in the spices that will help their customers prepare a healthy and tasty dish very quickly. They also send gift boxes every month containing different spices, pastes, etc. to support our dishes for a full month. These spices have a longer shelf life that ensures to buy spices in a bulk for immediate preparation of dishes.

This gifting scheme can be activated by purchasing their 3 month – 2-year subscription depending upon the requirements. Along with these they also offer 4-6 recipe pouches for at least 2-4 people that will fill their tummies with the love and taste of highly experienced chefs of SimplyCook.

SimplyCook - How does it work?

How Does SimplyCook Work?

To enjoy SimplyCook, just visit the website and select from over 100 dishes easily. They will keep the recipe and spices ready to deliver. They deliver pre-proportioned spices required to prepare a particular dish by the letterbox. Their delivery process is highly functional, fast, and convenient for their customers. Further, we can also set weekly recipes altogether and set which dish will be cooked on which day. SimplyCook’s amazing team will make sure that the selected dishes are reaching out doorsteps on the exact day. This weekly routine of dishes can be canceled or terminated as per desire.

Also, to make it more convenient for us to purchase SimplyCook, its companion app plays a more significant role. The app has features like recipe list, cart, and delivery tracking, which help provide real-time updates.

Simplycook Chilli Con Carne

Why Choose

SimplyCook is a great website for those who get easily confused between dishes or are very lazy to visit supermarkets. But the main reason to choose SimplyCook is it provides enough variety to choose from. And these varieties range from classic family meals to quick meals to kids’ special dishes. Moreover, the delivery of fresh and newly packed spices adds extra taste to the dishes. And SimplyCook is considered due to its simplicity too. SimplyCook easy recipes and a quicker way to make any dish with the same taste and look.


The most important thing about hygiene is the packing of all the required spices. The packing is done with special carton boxes by SimplyCook logos over it. This box has separate compartments for different products to keep every spice safe and secure. The sides are highly cushioned and made thick to avoid spilling or leaking of spices. These boxes are made eco-friendly, and they are entirely plastic-free. These cardboard boxes can be recycled and reused for the next order.

Simplycook spice boxes

How much SimplyCook is Friendlier With Nature?

SimplyCook has a great love for nature. Starting from their spices to their packing materials, all are highly natural or nature friendly. The spices are handpicked from nature and are properly blended by the chefs to leave a natural and fresh impact on the dishes. And the concept of delivering exact pre-proportioned spices avoids wastage. Similarly, the cardboard boxes are highly sustainable and plastic-free to keep the environment safe.

Why not give SimplyCook a try for just £3 for yourself and see how it makes preparing delicious family meals easier.

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