Best gifts for 8 year old girls: 8 Toys under £10

Best gifts for 8 year old girls: 8 Toys under £10

December 8, 2023

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Buying gifts for 8 year old girls can be so much fun. They are still in the age group that loves the idea of getting lots of little gifts rather than that one big blowout present. This age love and are often amazed that they managed to rip open lots of little gifts and enjoy a range of educational toys, top toys, creative activities and funky accessories. If you are looking for the best gift ideas for 8-year-old girls then look no further than Wicked Uncle!

Did you know that all the toys that they include on their site are tested by toy testers (and often people in their warehouses as well) and only the best products make it onto the site (around only 10%-20% actually make it!). This means you can always be sure of the quality and age-appropriateness of all the products – plus they always have the ‘cool’ factor making the gift-giver look extra awesome.

Gifts for 8 year old girls for under £10

Take a look at this mini gift guide featuring some of the best gifts 8 year old girls, featuring a range of fun items and great ideas on how you can treat the 8-year-old in your life. Whether you are looking for birthday gifts, a  Christmas present or simply the perfect gift as a treat for whatever the occasion. These items all offer a little slice of fun and the best part, they are all priced under £10!

Funky Arm Warmers

Whilst leg warmers are a blast from the 80s, they did have their practicality as well as fashion style. Fast forward to the next generation and they now have Funky Arm Warmers! From funky brand United Oddsocks comes the arm warmers revolution! It’s to let their arms stand out in the crowd with these cool arm warmers. These mismatched arm warmers make for a cool one-size cosy accessory. For kids with a funky style – keep warm whilst looking devilishly cool!

Fart – Explosive Card Game!

Let’s face it, farts are funny! No matter whether you are young or old there is something about the natural bodily function that just makes us all smirk or belly life. This explosive card game is one that will appeal to family members and younger siblings with a slapstick sense of humour. In this suitably tasteless and brilliantly entertaining game, players race to get rid of their cards whilst trying to avoid the obvious hazards. Each card can only be discarded by making the appropriate noise, from Eggy Stinker, Duvet Lifter and the easy Silent but Deadly to the rather more unfortunate Wet Rasper. 

Top Model Activity Books

Top Model has a wide range of creative fun activity books with a difference for any budding fashion designer! One of the best gifts to allow young girls for creative play, a great activity utilising sticker sheets to apply tops, shoes, accessories and more to the models, creating different styles and designs to their fashion collection. Then add different colors and embellishment to the line art backgrounds, including stylish settings like a runway show, magazine photoshoot and the streets of Paris. 

Rainbow Dancer Ribbon Wand

Hands down this is a fun gift that you purchase so that you can bring out your inner little girl and have fun swirling and twirling as you, erm helpfully show them how to utilise it. One of the best toys for young girls who love to be active and indulge in pretend play, this brilliant rainbow dancer ribbon wand measures an impressive 3.5 metres long. Watch them as they spin, twist and twirl for truly fabulous effects! Similar to those used in professional rhythm gymnastics and baton twirling, little dancers are sure to delight in creating their very own pretty rainbow – just like real magic!

Hand Jive – Fun Twist on Charades

This clever twist on the charades board games, this Hand Jive Card Game has players acting out a wacky mix of words and actions – but you can only use your hands. And nothing else, no other part of the body, no pointing, drawing, making noises or any other cheating! The four difficulty levels go from easy ‘shuffling cards’ to ‘making a fire’ or ‘walking on the moon’! 

With 440 hand charades, the mimes will change with every different player, family members, older kids and younger siblings will each offer their element of fun and laughter to this game.

Fun Tape Measure – Filled with Silly Facts

Watching Mary Poppins is a right of passage for any childhood and whilst most parents are wishing that they had one of her carpet bags that holds anything and everything. Children will be looking at her magical measuring tape and wondering just how they would measure up. This fun tape measure might not tell them if they are ‘rather inclined to giggle, doesn’t put things away’, however, it does come with 60 fun facts and statistics! 

This entertaining double-sided tape measure includes both centimetres and inches, as well as sixty incredible scientific facts. Find out how big your things are compared to everything else – have you ever wondered whether the Mona Lisa would fit on your wall, how big an Oscar is or how high a pig can jump? Did you know that a snail can travel 39 inches in one hour? 

May Contain Butts Card Game!

If you are looking for the perfect way to add a fun game that can be enjoyed with younger siblings and family members then the May Contain Butts Card Game is the right gift to purchase. Race to react when you spot a front and butt match! May contain Butts which will keep them and the whole family on the edge of their seats and have everyone barking like a dog as they look out for matches of goats, sloths, parrots and more! Grab the most cards to claim victory in this butt-tastic card-matching game.

Squishy, Squeezy, Scrunchy! Snow Ball 

Whilst Queen Elsa can create more snow whenever she is feeling a little wound up with the day, sadly, 8 year old girls don’t quite have the same skills. They can, however, have a Squishy, Squeezy, Scrunchy! Snow Ball to work out some of their irritations and upsets. With a squeeze sensation unlike any other, this brilliant ball feels and sounds like crunching through fresh snow! Each squash and stretch sounds like stepping on fluffy snowdrifts, with a cool crunchy feeling. Incredibly addictive, the Snow Ball is one of the coolest fun squishy toys.

If you are looking for what gifts to buy for 10-year-old girls then do take a look at this post

Why Wicked Uncle Makes Gift Buying Easier

  • Gift Wrap Option – Gift wrapping can be a marmite task, you either love it or hate it. Regardless of this when you purchase a gift online and you’re looking to send it directly to the recipient a gift-wrapping option is always a welcome sight. Not content with just placing the gift in a random gift bag, Wicked Uncle has a collection of different wrapping papers available for you to choose from and they will wrap the gift for you. Plus you can add a handwritten card alongside.
  • Handwritten Birthday Cards – Taking the gift wrapping experience to the next level, you can choose from a collection of different greeting cards and Wicked Uncle will handwrite it with a personal message. Helping to highlight the level of service you receive from the site as well as letting the child you are sending the gift to that you went the extra mile to make their day special – no matter the miles between you.

Still unsure what to buy or want to let the little lady select gifts for herself? Check out all the reasons why buying a Wicked Uncle Gift Card is a great idea.

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