8 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £10

8 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £10

November 17, 2022

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Christmas is a busy time for many people, but one of the hardest things to think about is gifts. It might not be easy for particular family members or friends, but it can be even harder when it comes to buying a secret Santa.

For those that are unsure what a secret Santa is, they often take place amongst a group of friends, colleagues, or in the workplace usually. It is helpful as it avoids having to buy multiple gifts, but everyone gets something. You usually put all the names into a jar and secretly pick one. You keep your selection a secret from everyone else and you then buy that person a gift. You may also find that a secret Santa has a small budget, but finding a gift can be especially difficult if you are not familiar with that person. So here are some secret Santa gift ideas under £10. 

What can you buy your secret Santa recepitant for under £10?

8 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £10

A calendar

A great option to consider would be a calendar. You could go in all different directions with this one. Perhaps get them a calendar that has been created by their favourite celebrity, or maybe one that they can use at work specifically. You might want to buy them a family planner calendar where they can get organised for everyone at home. Calendars are a really great gift and extremely affordable. So this could be an easy choice if they like writing things down and being accountable for birthdays and other events. 

A mug

Another great gift to consider is to buy them a mug or a cup. Most people enjoy a hot drink of some sort, whether it is just at work or even at home. There are so many directions you can go with this and this is especially a good option if this is a work colleague as many people have their own specific mugs that they use in the workplace.

You can go down the novelty route with it and have something funny on it, or if you know them well, you could look at a personalised option where it has a picture of their family or friends on it. It is another easy option as well as being affordable, so you may find that this could work as a standalone gift or part of a bigger gift. 


Most people love chocolates, so you may find that you could look at buying them a box of their favourites. Chocolates will always be an affordable option and are likely to be well under your budget, so they are also a great choice to combine with something else. 

An alcoholic drink 

Maybe you know exactly what they like to drink, so why not buy them a bottle of it? Whether it is wine, beer, or even something like gin, you can get something decent within your budget and it is often a well-received gift. You could also combine this with a box of chocolates or another gift if you wanted such as a glass to go with it. 

8 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £10


There are two types of people. The people who love stationery, and the people who don’t. But if you happen to be buying for a stationary lover then this is the perfect option as a secret Santa gift. It might be that you buy them notebooks, pens, or even a planner. You can buy planners for anything these days. It might be a place they can collect their recipes, a planner for weight loss and fitness, or even track their expenses. You can easily get something that will be useful within your budget. 

A game or puzzle

Maybe they enjoy games and puzzles, so this could be the perfect secret Santa gift. You could buy jigsaws, offer a bit of nostalgia with a retro game from years gone by, or something new that’s a bit different. You could also look at puzzle books if that’s their thing. A gift that shows thought that they will also enjoy using. You can’t go wrong.


People still love to read but often buying a book can feel a little indulgent to some people. Especially something like a recipe book or self-help. So this could be the perfect secret Santa gift. You could buy them a book on something you know they are struggling with right now, or perhaps the latest release from their favourite TV chef. 

A hamper of goodies 

Finally, with your budget, you could create a DIY hamper. Fill it with things such as pampering treats like face masks and bubble baths, or even chocolates and goodies. There are so many things you can put into it, and you can tailor it to the person you have as your secret Santa. You can easily create something lovely for the budget that you have. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of inspiration if you need to buy a secret Santa gift. 

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