A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

A Cool Place for the Kids: Turning Your Basement Into a Child-Friendly Space

August 16, 2017

Kids are a lot noisier than adults but they’re less fussy when it comes to interior decor. There are tons of ways to please the kiddies with their very own space. The mention of having their very own spot will make them squeal with delight, but consider ways to turn the basement into a child-friendly space.

A Coffee House

Depending on age, drinking coffee may be inappropriate yet parents may fashion the space into a soda-pop cafe too. Fit the area with a sink, dishwasher, coffee grinder and maker. Select a theme or colour palette, situate stools around a serving bar, and use the rest of the space for tables and chairs. Use the upstairs fridge or mini fridge to serve desserts and keep ice cream handy.

A Home Theatre

Kids love pretending, so provide them with their own theatrical stage and production house where they may wear costumes, memorize dialogue, and invite family members to watch live productions. Some kids are shy and not the type to put on a show. Maybe they could write the dialogue or be in charge of costumes. Certain personalities, however, love to be seen and heard, so a home theatre is perfect.

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A Home Gym

Little kids don’t need to pump iron but there’s no harm in stretching, doing gymnastics, and learning a martial art. Use the basement to host punching bags, floor mats, and exercise equipment appropriate for your child’s age.

A Space Station

Use the dead space underneath the stairs to resemble the inside of a rocket ship. Hire a professional painter to make it look authentic and fit the space with real levers and knobs. Place inverted spaceship-like seating on the floor for added effect.

An Enchanted Forest

Some kids would love a tree house but live in homes without a wooded lot or backyard. Transform the basement into an enchanted forest. Hire a carpenter to construct fake trees and bi-level areas so kids can look down upon the forest.

A Big Kid Bedroom

Some families grow and first borns grow out of their rooms. If you’re expecting, sweeten the news by telling your first born they are graduating to the basement, the place where big kids get to have their own bedroom.

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

A Pirate Ship

Pirates were popular with kids well before Disney and Johnny Depp. Rather than a forest or rocket ship, construct a pirate ship, fit with an upper and lower deck, where mates can stay the night. Above deck, the savages of the sea can play video games, watch movies, and plan their next adventure on land. You’ll want to employ professionals who ensure modifications or renovations will not threaten the home’s foundation or integral components. Seek information about innovative foundation solutions.

A Newsroom

In decades of the past, there were no websites and computers. The news was created by dedicated journalists who worked a beat to pen stories that became the printed news. Tell the kids the basement is becoming a newsroom where they must report, record, and reproduce the news for family members and friends.

A Soccer Arena

Crab soccer is played on one’s hands and feet. A soft ball and walls lined with protective padding eliminate the chance of injury or accident. Fit the space with a goal post on each side and line the carpet to make it look like a soccer field. Put your child’s very own athletic emblem at centre field.

A Rock Arena

What kid doesn’t want the opportunity to pound on the drums or play a keyboard? Fit the basement with an ensemble of musical instruments. Encourage kids to play one or all of them as well as tell them to invite friends to form a rock band. Use internet resources to download beginner manuals and lessons.

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A Kid Casino

Kids are not familiar with poker and blackjack but they love playing board games. Drape the basement in a casino theme while dedicating areas to Twister, Monopoly, Operation, and other classic board games. Add some cool coloured lighting for a zany kid casino effect.

A Small Business

If kids love doing crafts, make the space into their own business space where they house supplies, make crafts, and consider ways to sell them on and offline. It’s a great way for kids to build working experience despite being too young for a part-time job.

A Science Lab

Plenty of adults make great incomes working as scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. Transform the basement into a lab where kids can get interested in general science, chemistry, robotics, etc. The STEM subjects inspire kids to work for NASA, Google, and Microsoft, and make parents proud in the process.

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Featured article from Chelsea Sykes. Chelsea Sykes is a DIY Mum who is happier handling a sledgehammer than a sewing machine! Her latest renovation project was the basement – Turning it into a playroom for her three kids. 

Photo Credit: Jeremy Yap Gabriel Beaudry Juan Di Nella

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