The Psychology of Bedroom Interior and How It Affects Your Mood

The Psychology of Bedroom Interior and How It Affects Your Mood

April 3, 2024


Your bedroom should be an oasis away from the day’s stresses. When you walk into the room and close your door, the weight of a thousand responsibilities should disappear. If that doesn’t happen to you, it may be time to reconsider the design of the space.

Most of us design homes based on things we like, especially in the bedroom. However, interior decorating is just as much about psychology as it is about personal interest. Cluttered or overly bare areas can send the wrong signals to the brain, causing you to feel overstimulated or depressed. 

So how can you turn your bedroom from a dreary space to your happy place? From the strategic use of color to an idyllic scene of decorative art above the bed, each element of your room matters. Let’s take a short dive into the psychology of your bedroom interior and how it affects your mood.

The Importance of Your Environment

When you feel safe and secure in a space, you can relax and let go of your need to be in control at all times. Consider the difference in your mood when you’re in a strange place full of people, noise, and unfamiliar cultural behaviors. You can’t relax and are on high alert for your safety.

The same idea applies to your bedroom but on the opposite scale. This room is your one place of complete tranquility. You may share it with a loved one, but it’s still your intimate space. It can directly impact your mood if it doesn’t feel safe to your brain because of the colors, clutter, disorganization, or other factors. On the other hand, if your room relaxes you and makes you feel peaceful, you’ll sleep better and feel calmer. 

Although this effect is different for everyone, there are four main elements to consider when you decorate your room that play a significant role in your mood: color, layout, light, and decor.

The Psychology of Bedroom Interior and How It Affects Your Mood


Studies on color psychology show that the choice of color in a room matters. In fact, they’re so important that this research is used in hospitals, offices, and other professional places where setting the right mood is distinctly vital. Instead of opting for your favorite warm or dark hue, choose shades that are intentionally peaceful, such as light greens and blues. 


How you organize your room’s furniture is important, as well. Clearly defined layouts that hide clutter are more restorative than rooms where furniture is tightly packed and surfaces are full of objects.


During the day, bright lights keep us awake, alert, and motivated. But when it’s time to get ready for bed, you need soft, warm lamps and accent lighting instead of bright overhead lights.


It’s understandable that you want to fill your bedroom with things that make you happy, such as framed photos and your memorabilia collections. Too much clutter on the walls and surfaces without space between each item is overstimulating to the brain, though. Limit your decor to things that create a positive emotional response when you see them, and leave room between objects to give your brain a chance to rest.

The Psychology of Bedroom Interior and How It Affects Your Mood

Strike a Balance in Your Bedroom

With the right balance of these four elements and understanding the psychology behind each, your room can become more than a place for you to sleep — it can be your sanctuary away from the world. 

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