Tips to limit the screen time of teens

Tips to limit the screen time of teens

May 30, 2024

Parents today can probably remember being told about how harmful watching TV was. Too much screen time and how our eyes would go square from staring at the screen all day. Today’s generation, are just hooked onto technology, however, it is our gadgets from smartphones to laptops; every other device eats up so much time that we don’t know if the different world exists out of it also or not.

Well, but when our kids start getting hooked to these screens, we feel quite annoyed, and if you are one of them, you must know that the change begins with you because your kids follow your example. No doubt, the numerous electronics devices your kids use can be busy, but too much of anything can do more harm than good for sure.

Top tips to limit the screen time of teens

Tips to limit the screen time of teens

Role model healthy use of electronics

As parents, you need to role model screen use for your kids. All we say is that you are setting an example for your kids, so think twice before you binge-watch your favourite series on various OTT platforms. Your kids will remember how much time you spend in front of the TV. Additionally, if you have a habit of having a loud noise on the TV in the background and you keep scrolling through your phone, then it is quite possible that you will find role models and screen behaviour in front of your kids.

Learn about electronics

There is nothing surprising to know that kids of today’s time are tech-savvy, and the majority of the teenage kids know a lot about electronics. So parents need to stay updated on the latest apps, games, social media platforms, and trends, etc. For instance, you cannot teach your teenage kids the risk of social media if you don’t understand the dangers of social media. Additionally, this wouldn’t allow you to prevent them from being on some social media platform if you don’t know how these social media platforms are rated.

Set an example

Your kids don’t listen to your advice but indeed follow your standards and footsteps. Hence if you want your kids to stay away from screens, they also need to have some time off from the screen instead of being glued to it every minute of your day. For instance, if you read something, your child will also do the same, and if you watch something on TV, your child will also be doing the same.

Tips to limit the screen time of teens

Be the parent

As a parent, it is your duty to implement healthy behaviour in your kids. It sometimes means you need to make unpopular decisions, including limiting your children’s screen time. All we say is that you must make some tough decisions for your kids. And after making the decision, also you need to ensure that you give an explanation to your kids about why you have taken the tough decision. It is essential for them to understand the reasons so they can follow them someday. Hence don’t forget your role as a parent and make the decision if needed.

Set limitation time

If you don’t plan to turn off the screen, then you need to choose the time when your kids can watch the screen. You can easily set a limit on the screen time of your your child’s screen time if you teach child if you tell them that they can watch the screen only for some time in a day that is fixed hours. For example, allow them to watch the TV your child’s screen time for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening.

Get involved in their lives

Many parents give their kids some gadgets and feel their role as a parent gets over there. If you are someone who does that, then let me tell you, you are portraying the wrong skills. Instead, ask your kids about their lives and discuss the things they love doing so they will not be attached to the gadgets at all.

Tips to limit the screen time of teens

Create some tech-free zones

You need to establish some zones in your house where electronic devices are not allowed. It means they cannot have anything from cell phones, handheld video games, or laptops. For instance, you must not let your kids see a screen near the dining area.

You can use some parental controls

The new age devices come with some parental controls, which will help you in protecting your kids from accessing explicit content on the Internet and on TV. Almost all the routers, TVs, and other devices tend to have some parental controls, which can surely help you in setting the filter or also block some content that is unwanted. There are a plethora of built-in settings or apps which you can download that enable you to create content filters. The majority of the devices will allow you to block particular websites, web searches, or even keywords.

Make them understand why you are putting a ban on your screen time

Your kids are more likely to follow the rules you set if they know that you are limiting your family’s screen time because too much time spent on screens has downsides. Kids might be more likely to resist or break the rules you are trying to enforce if they think you are “being mean”. Depending on what’s appropriate for your child’s age, you need to explain to them why some video games, TV shows, and movies can be harmful.

So all we say is that you must ensure you have a conversation with them about the dangers of online predators if your kids use the Internet. Additionally, you also need to ensure that every member of your family knows about the discussion about screen time and is part of creating a set of boundaries that is feasible for everyone to follow.

Tips to limit the screen time of teens

Keep your child’s room free of screens

If your kids are able to use devices out of your sight, you won’t be able to monitor your child’s screen use, and for the same reason, you might want to make it a rule that TVs, video game systems, and computers are not permitted in their bedroom. It can also include the handheld devices that your kids might be tempted to use late at night, and it can hamper their sleep too.

Final thoughts

Hence you must follow these tips to limit the screen time of your teens. It might sound challenging in starting, but it is not that challenging all you need is a healthy mind. You can keep it turned off and involve your kids in doing other activities like solving puzzles or playing outdoor games. Once they understand the importance of staying away from gadgets, they will surely stay away from them.

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