Why Montessori Schools Use Toys in Their Teaching Process

Why Montessori Schools Use Toys in Their Teaching Process

August 29, 2023

Did you know that studies show that children who go to Montessori schools show steeper growth and advancement than those that attend regular schools? Montessori students often have greater social cognition, increased problem-solving capabilities, better executive function and enjoyed school more than others. However, did you know that these schools often use play and toys in their teaching processes? You should understand the reasons they choose these teaching methods.

Reasons Why Montessori Schools Use Toys in Teaching

Why Montessori Schools Use Toys in Their Teaching Process
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Preparation for Real Life

You may not think that playing with dinosaur toys can prepare you for real life, but the skills your children learn from these toys can. Montessori education models focus on real-life objects and ideas. Not only do your children learn about the specific object the toys represent, e.g., dinosaurs, but they gain an understanding of interactions and textures. They also learn self-control, patience and sharing. They gain sensory understanding while they develop greater coordination and concentration capabilities.

Montessori education focuses on practical skills and knowledge as well, so these schools do their best to provide hands-on learning opportunities. They learn skills that they can use, but their learning plans focus on their interests specifically, so instructors allow children to guide their instruction.

They Draw Children to Them

Toys attract children. They are bright colored and have fun textures. However, toys, such as farm animal toys, become learning tools in Montessori classrooms. The bright colors and toy varieties create engaging environments that encourage exploration. Things like dinosaur toys have a deeper purpose because they encourage skill development. Students actually enjoy learning because their focus is on play.

However, they learn practical skills too, such as pouring liquids and cleaning up after themselves. They gain perspectives about reality, both past and present, and their concentration grows as they play for long periods of time with toys that really appeal to them.

Why Montessori Schools Use Toys in Their Teaching Process
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They Encourage Imagination and Creativity

Simpler toys, such as bird figurines, allow children to use their imaginations. As they gain a deeper understanding of the objects themselves and their place in the world, they also create scenarios or stories about them. These stories can help them gain both critical thinking skills as they find ways to get their dinosaurs out of undesirable situations, but they also encourage creativity.

Children gain a concrete understanding of the world. Fantasy and fantastical creatures are not part of the curriculum. Montessori education encourages interaction with the real world and real people, while fantasy removes children from the world. However, imagination within real-world contexts plays a major role in these lessons.

They Help Children Develop Multiple Skills

Montessori schools teach children independence because they often play by themselves or complete their tasks individually over long periods of time. Teachers allow and encourage students to get lost in their world.

However, the tasks associated with their play encourage other skill development. For example, many children gain problem-solving, social and language skills. Teachers create tasks that focus on the attainment of key skills during their playtime, so they may give children a problem their dinosaur toys need to solve or ask them to tell a story while they play. They strive to create a balance between learning and play.

To encourage imaginative play, learning and skill development, you may consider investing in toys and objects with real-life details and scientific accuracy, such as dinosaur toys.

Why Montessori Schools Use Toys in Their Teaching Process
Image Credit: depositphotos.com


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