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Thomas Kitchenware Offer {Review}

March 30, 2014

 Many moons ago I worked in the kitchens at my local hospital, mainly preparing salads and sandwiches for the masses. When I first started I wasn’t trusted enough to actually cut anything so I was left with peeling crab sticks or boiled eggs. Making sure that the different tubs were all filled up with the various ingredients or packing the sandwiches into the cartons.

I would often listen to the other ladies moan and groan about the knives, especially if someone used one without a board… ‘you’ll blunt that knife!’ I would hear them shout. However once I got my hands on the knives I suddenly became aware of just how important a good, sharp knife was. Have you ever tried to slice tomatoes with anything less than a really sharp knife? Nightmare, it might still cut the tomato but you don’t get that crisp, swift cut that you need… you end up with a mushy mess.

I want you to pop into your kitchen and take a look at your knives, when did you last replace them? do you get the cut you need? or do you make do?

Well why not take advantage of the new Tesco offer that they have running with Thomas Kitchenware, simply collect 5 stickers (earn each sticker with a £20 spend) and then take your pick of a new knife, knife block, roaster or chopping board at a reduced price. Treat yourself, your kitchen and your food to the correct tool for the job.

Tesco are running a sticker promotion between 3rd March – 1st June 2014 where you can save up to 70% on exclusive kitchenware products at Tesco. For every £20 you spend online OR in-store you can collect a sticker, once you’ve collected five stickers you can use these to save up to 70% off professional kitchenware items. For more details please see:  www.tesco.com/direct/thomas-kitchen

Disclosure: We received a set of Thomas kitchen knives FOC for the purpose of review

  • Amanda April 2, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    The bread knife looks great for cutting my very soft home made bread 🙂

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