My Friend Cayla - Interactive doll (ID 9270)

My Friend Cayla – Interactive doll {Review}

October 15, 2014

My Friend Cayla is not just a doll, she’s like a real friend with MILLIONS of things to say! She can tell you about herself, her family, hobbies and so much more. Cayla can also answer general knowledge questions about lots of different subjects, like countries, animals and sports. It’s AMAZING what she knows! Cayla has kid safe internet search filters and by using speech-to-text technology she can understand almost anything you say!

My Friend Cayla - Interactive doll

What can you do with Cayla?

  • Ask questions about loads of things like animals, maths, countries, spelling, space and more (requires internet connection)
  • Chat about clothes, food, family, school, hobbies and lots more (requires internet connection)
  • Cayla will love to tell you stories
  • Okay games like noughts and crosses together
  • Look at Cayla’s photo albums and she will tell you about what she’s been up to

How to connect My Friend Cayla to your tablet or smartphone

My Friend Cayla can be connected to an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone in order to access games, stories and lots more.

  1. Download: Download the free app onto your iOS or Android tablet or smartphone via the App Store or Google Play
  2. Sync: Connect Cayla to your device via Bluetooth wireless technology
  3. Play: Open the app, select the activity and Cayla’s ready to Play! Select from asking her lots of questions, play games, tell each other stories and lots more.

My Friend Cayla - App

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

We found that the success rate of Cayla understanding what she was asked and in turn gave us a correct answer very variable – it was much better if I asked her questions rather than Roo and if the room was silent (not easy with a three year old running around). Roo was quite frustrated when Cayla answered something different to what she had asked and as this was a good 7 out of 10 times I could understand her frustrations.

The app works better on iOS than Android with access to more questions and content, which being an Android family is a little disappointing that the content hasn’t been released to both versions of the app. The app itself however works quite well and Roo enjoyed playing games with Cayla and listening to her read stories.

Available from Tesco with a £59.99 RRP, however currently on offer for £49.99 – personally I don’t think the RRP offers good value for money and that the technology needs to be improved so that Cayla understands the questions that a child is asking.

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Disclosure: We received a My Friend Cayla FOC for the purpose of review.

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