Things to do before I’m forty?

February 17, 2012

I was tagged by the lovely Jennie from Edspire in this fabulous meme. It’s actually something I have been thinking about as this year I turn 30! I’ve decided to stick with the ‘things to do before I’m forty’ as this gives me a good 10 years to get my act together and hopefully complete all the things on my list.

In no particular order:

1. Become more active, whether this be sports, a fitness class or just leaving the car at home more often.

2. Visit New York at Christmas, I really want to see the fabulous Christmas displays I have been looking at for years in movies and pictures.

A group of stuffed animals sitting on top of a building

3. Have a personal shopper experience, I’d love hints and tips from someone impartial on what suits me and what really doesn’t do me any favours.

4. Slim down to a size 10, probably need to do this before the personal shopper.

5. Enjoy a weekend away with Mr Boo and NO CHILDREN! This may seem a little mean but sometimes you just want the two of you.

6. Think about a career, Mr Boo has always been the one with a career and I have just had a job that pays and is reasonably flexible. I would love to be a midwife but not sure my emotions would withstand the downside of the job.

7. Take the children to Disneyland, they would love it (so would we!).

8. Enjoy a pamper/spa day, I’ve never been on one so would love to be pampered for the day. Thank you to Buyagift for inviting me to review their Bannatynes Spa Day package

9. Have a huge birthday party, the last party I had was when I turned 7 (do you all feel sorry for me?). I want to be belle of the ball, centre stage, in the spotlight… for just one night. I managed to have a joint 30th birthday party with a lady a work with, it was a fabulous evening.

10. I’d love to see a London musical, maybe Grease or Dirty Dancing, actually I quite fancy seeing Wicked. Obviously I want the whole package so dinner and hotel in London too. Thank you to the Christmas fairies of 2012, Johnson Babies and I were able to attend. Whilst we were unable to stay over and make a night of it the show was amazing.

Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve at least half of these things before I’m forty, wish me luck

A big thank you to Jennie for tagging me (and giving me the push to do this) and for tagging me and to twopointfourchildren for starting the original meme.

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