A little girl holding a toy

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing

May 12, 2016

There is something about getting outdoors that just seems to make the day better. Blowing away the cobwebs and getting rid of the cabin fever can do the world of good to both children and parents alike. 

Back when I had Roo I will openly admit to being a fair weather parent, I would only venture outdoors if it was dry, warm and the sun was shining. When she started daycare and she needed to take in wellies and waterproofs I was pleased that she was getting to go out all weathers and enjoy things to the fullest. There was a pang of guilt that she was experiencing all this without me and that I was missing out on these times.

So instead of closing the curtains and grabbing a blanket on cold, wet days we embraced it and went out to enjoy the puddles in the spring showers, to kick the fallen leaves in autumn and catch snowflakes on our tongues in the winter.

There was a saying I heard a few years ago and it has stuck with me… 

There is no such thing as bad weather,
only bad clothing

This is so true and with this in mind, I wanted to share with you some outdoor wear for children top picks to help you get outdoors with your little ones no matter the weather.

A little girl holding a toy


This has to be the staple footwear for all, whether you opt for ones with their favourite character on the side, something with a funky design or just a bright and bold colour they will be sure to help keep their feet dry whilst they are splashing through the puddles. Try to get ones with a tread on the bottom of them to offer stability on slippy surfaces like wet leaves in the autumn. The addition of welly socks will help keep little toes toasty too as well as providing a better fit to prevent wellies slipping off.

A little girl that is standing in the grass


A little girlAn obvious choice, as much as your little one might love splashing around as soon as they get wet through they become very grumpy. To prevent this purchasing some waterproofs will make sure that the fun doesn’t have to stop too soon. Personally, I love the paddle rain suit you can get, and both Roo and Tigger had one of these and they are really practical as well as making your little one look so adorable (always a plus point) – I can’t wait to get one for Piglet once she is on the move.

Older children might not like an all-in-one suit so trousers and a jacket might be a wiser purchase, these are available in a range of different colours to suit almost every taste and you could even mix and match with different colours.


There is something about umbrellas that toddlers love. Whether they are using them as a walking stick, twirling them around like a scene out of singing in the rain or using them as a broomstick as they fly through the puddles. An umbrella, of course, is very practical and can be useful for those little ones who refuse point-blank to put their hood up or wear a hat when the heavens open. They are also great for providing a little shelter for them to sit under and watch the world go by.

A little girl holding a colorful umbrella

So as you can see there really is no excuse for bad clothing to stop you getting outdoors whatever the weather. I’d love to see you dressed for outdoor play, please tweet me a photo using the #SpringShowers hashtag.

Does rain stop play for you?


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