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September 2, 2012

Before Roo was born all my friends told me how wonderful baby sleeping bags were. I was so convinced that I went out and bought a few, then a few more, then Lou banned me from buying anymore as I had my own sleeping bag factory going on in Roo’s wardrobe. From the moment we arrived home with Roo she slept in a sleeping bag and subsequently Tigger did too.

I slept soundly with the thought that they were tucked up nice and warm, however Tigger recently became quite agitated with wearing his sleeping bag. So after a few unsettled nights I gave in and removed his sleeping bag, however upon checking on him during the night… no covers! the cheeky boy had kicked them off! argghhh!

So now I was faced with the choice of an agitated Tigger or a freezing cold Tigger, what a lovely choice…

As if by magic I received an email newsletter from The Gro Store the next morning advertising their stay-on bedding and sheet sets. Could this be the solution to my problems?

Available in three colour options, I opted for the lovely Jolly Day Out. A fun and funky white set with colourful spots.

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Upon pulling the set out from the packaging I began to worry that it looked a little complicated, however upon looking again I realised that I need to unzip the duvet cover from the sheet. The pillow case is attached to the sheet, so making sure I had that at the correct end I started to apply the fitted sheet to the mattress. Once in place I added a pillow into the case and inserted the duvet to the cover. Once the duvet was ready I simply popped it onto the bed and zipped up the zips.

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Stay-on bedding in practice

The zips only go so far down the duvet which allows plenty of leg movement, whilst keeping the duvet in place over the vital parts. After settling Tigger into his bed I simply zipped up the side and said goodnight. Upon checking on him throughout the night he was still covered up, nice and snug. One thing I did notice was how much better he slept on his pillow, normally he jiffles about and ends up without it.

Boo’s final thoughts

I loved that the pillowcase was attached to the sheet, ensuring that it didn’t end up on the floor. When attaching the fitted sheet I notice that there was a good depth of sheet available. The mattress I attached it too is a slim mattress so had an excess that I need to tuck underneath to ensure a wrinkle free bed.

Although the price is maybe a little higher than I would normally pay for a bedding set, as it has the added features of the pillowcase and peace of mind that Tigger was covered up, warm and snug all night I believe it is worth paying the extra.


  • 100% woven cotton
  • Includes secure bottom fitted sheet with integral pillow case, and attachable duvet cover
  • Helps your child to feel safe and secure in their first bed, just like they did in their Grobag Baby Sleep Bag
  • Helps to reduce the risk of rolling out of bed
  • Stops children kicking off their covers, getting cold, or getting tangled up, as they become used to sleeping with their first duvet
  • Available in cot bed and single bed sizes
  • Ideal for use with the Grobag Nursery Stay-on Cot Bed and Single Bed Duvets
  • Can also be used with standard Cot Bed and Single Bed Duvets
  • Suitable for use all year round 
  • Spare fitted bottom sheet available separately
  • Suitable from 2 years
  • Machine washable
  • Conforms to highest applicable British and European Standards

Quick and Easy Instructions

  1. Start with the duvet cover inside-out and separate from the fitted bottom sheet/pillow case.
  2. Secure the bottom sheet to the mattress, starting at the pillow case end first, as this is the end with the big elasticated pocket that helps keep the bottom sheet firmly in place.
  3. Insert a pillow into the attached pillow case.
  4. Attach the poppers on the duvet to the poppers on the inside of the duvet cover.
  5. Reach down inside the inside-out duvet cover and hold the end corners together with the attached duvet. (If you are not using a Grobag Nursery Duvet, omit number 4, reach down inside the duvet cover to the two corners, and grab the two end corners of the duvet through the cover fabric)
  6. Shake vigorously 2 or 3 times to allow the duvet cover to fall down around the duvet. (You will now find that the duvet cover is now the right side out, with the duvet properly in place inside the cover!)
  7. Popper the ends of the duvet cover, and zip onto the bottom sheet.


Direct from The Gro Store
Online – Various retailers including Amazon and Kiddicare
Instore – including Argos and Mothercare


From £34.99 depending on the retailer


Jolly Day Out
Pink Stripe
Blue Stripe

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Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I received a Jolly Day Out stay-on bedding and sheet set in exchange for this review. My thoughts and opinion are my own unless quoted.

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