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June 3, 2012

Organic baby food brand, Plum, is launching a new range of stage three (10+months) meals, enabling mini adventurers to taste flavours from around the world; no wok or paella pan required.

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Plum’s chefs are calling on experiences from their travels to give babies the chance to taste authentic, international flavours so often enjoyed by their parents. The textures and spices in each carefully created recipe ensure a new taste adventure, all wrapped up in one reassuringly healthy pot. With research from the University of Bristol* suggesting that the range of tastes a baby is exposed to during their early years has a direct impact upon a baby’s taste buds later in life, there’s no better way to ensure your child grows up to enjoy a varied, balanced diet.

Plum’s Taste Adventures stage three range (10 + months) consists of four mouth-watering recipes, ready to eat from the pot. Convenient for mum and exciting for baby, the range comprises of:

Sweet cape curry with beef
Based on the traditional dish bobotie from South Africa, this flavoursome curry boasts red meat as a source of iron with a combination of mango and raisins to provide sweet flavours and subtle spices to excite baby’s palette.

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Chickpea and chicken tagine
A Moroccan recipe which is already one of Plum’s bestselling stage three recipes completes the Taste Adventures range. Organic chicken and vegetables are combined with protein and calcium rich chickpeas and garlic and cumin for a flavour straight from the souk.

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Mediterranean paella and salmon
A taste of Spanish sunshine packed with salmon for fish oils and omega 3 to aid baby’s brain development.

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Aubergine and lamb moussaka
A Greek favourite which can now be enjoyed by even the youngest members of the family. The organic lamb is farmed from top quality sources; ensuring baby only gets the best. The recipes boast a chunkier texture to encourage speech development as well as helping babies to chew. The pot format is perfect for independent babies starting to use a spoon to feed themselves

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Things I love about these pots
  • Free moving food – Often baby food especially those in jars, the food is solid whereas the food could easily move about and gave you an idea of consistency before opening.
  • Long expiry date – The pots that I received had a whole year left on them before they expired, sometimes you can buy food with such a short date on.
  • Reusable pots – the pots are a great size so could be easily reused for crafts, plants or jelly moulds.
Tigger’s taste experience
As I have previously mentioned on my blog I am a ‘plain jane’ when it comes to food and I often worry that this will be passed down to my children. Whilst I don’t expect them to like everything I would like them to try as many different foods as possible. Roo is often very reluctant to try new foods, so with Tigger I am keen to try him on different foods as early as possible.

When trying new foods they say that it can take up to 10 attempts before a baby/child will except the food. This was definitely not the case with these new taste adventures, Tigger loved them from the first mouthful to the last. I thought that he might like Chickpea and chicken tagine as he does oftern prefer chicken dishes, however I was pleasantly surprised to see that his favorite was the Mediterranean paella and salmon.

The pots are aimed at stage 3 so from approx 10mths+ as they contain lumps. Although the pots contained lumps they were easily chewed and were not too big for little mouths.

Price and Availability

Plum’s Taste Adventures stage three range is available from Ocado and Sainsbury from mid-June and during July and August in Asda, Tesco and Boots, RRP £1.79 for 190g pot

More Info
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*Research conducted by Dr Pauline Emmett, a senior research fellow at the Centre for Child and Adolescent Health in Bristol on behalf of Plum in 2011.

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I have received financial sponsorship for Britmums Live!, this does not alter my views and opinions on their products.
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