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The best ways to spruce up your child’s nursery

January 16, 2018

As we begin the new year, whether you are a parent or a parent-to-be, there are countless ways you can decorate your child’s room with nursery furniture. Once upon a time, fairy-tale and character-themed bedrooms were a hit with Mum’s and Dad’s, but now, gone are the days of animation. Instead, we are welcoming colour schemes of pastel pinks or blues intended to connote the baby’s gender, as well as any hue that showcases personality, warmth or whimsicalness is on trend for nurseries this coming year.

Becoming a parent with a young tot in the home is very hectic, and the urge to buy every new baby product, toy and décor makes it all the more chaotic – and very expensive. The newest trends should prevent us from doing this, and instead make more practical and minimalist décor choices for our little ones, as well as parents, to help transform your child’s nursery into a haven for you all.


A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

The days of cartoon-crazed bedding and boxes stuffed to the brim with colourful toys is over, as parents are choosing simpler designs to save time re-decorating as their children grow up. In its place comes more grown-up nurseries, as parents are opting for more contemporary décor, including monochrome themed furniture, chic boho styles and pastel colour palettes. This comes after Pinterest announced that there has been an 85% increase in “saves” for more ‘mature’ and ‘modern’ nursery furniture.


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Colourful plastic toys for toddlers are no longer a popular choice for parents, with many favouring wooden options instead. Saves for wooden toys have increased by a staggering 173% over the past year, with many choosing to buy their youngsters wooden cars, wooden shopping carts and monistic wooden doll houses – a heads up to the popular Scandinavian interior design. Even green has been a popular choice, imitating natural elements from the outdoors and bringing them inside to create a soothing space. Baby nursery furniture, such simplistic wooden table and chairs is the perfect idea for transforming a space into a play area for your infant.

Focal Walls

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The number of Pinterest saves for wall decals increased by 219% last year – in particular, removal wall art has been a favourite for many style-savvy parents. Large framed canvasses are often found among baby nursery furniture, as well as personalised words or bold, patterned wallpaper. Create a stimulating environment for your young ones with wallpaper, and murals displaying larger than normal graphics (particularly inspired by nature) are making their way into trendy nurseries all around the world. Artistic depictions of florals, cacti, trees, leaves, clouds and animals are enhancing plain nursery walls and making an impact on these spaces.

Be Adaptable

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Rather than purchasing baby furniture designed with new-borns in mind, it is important to think ahead to avoid having to buy items once your child has grown. Opting for high-quality nursery furniture than can be adapted are perfect. For instance, a chest of drawers can be topped with a mat to make a changing table, or a two-in-one cot bed will last until your tot is old enough to sleep in a ‘grown-up’ bed.

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