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Protect Your Baby With Organic Crib Sheets

October 23, 2015

As you plan the bedding for your new baby’s nursery, toxic chemicals and pesticides are probably not one of your concerns, but they probably should be. Conventionally manufactured sheets and blankets are covered in chemicals used to make them fire-retardant. Cotton grown conventionally is exposed to synthetic pesticides, bleach, and chemical dyes. Many parents are unknowingly exposing their vulnerable infants to these toxins. Gradually, public health officials are becoming more aware of the negative health impact that these products are having on the population, and specifically on the very young.

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The Most Important Change of Your Day

What can you do to provide a healthier environment for your sleeping baby? Organic crib sheets and bedding represent one of the easiest and most effective changes you can make. This one change guarantees that your baby won’t be sleeping in heavy metals, formaldehyde, petroleum scouring agents, and ammonia. Knowing that these and other toxins are present in most common baby bedding could you sleep well at night knowing that your baby is nestled in among them?

Protecting Your Baby’s Skin

You probably know how fragile and susceptible a baby’s skin is. That soft baby skin requires careful protection, especially from the bacteria and harmful chemicals that are present in many home furnishings, toys, clothing, and cleaners. By switching to organic bedding, you’ve taken one big step toward reducing the risk of allergies, asthma, rashes, and similar maladies.

Cost-Effective Protection for Your Baby

Some parents hesitate to purchase organic products because of the higher cost. However, the desire to use resources wisely should actually lead to the opposite result. Organic products tend to last longer, much longer, than conventionally produced cotton fabrics. This is because those fabrics are exposed to a lot of processing. The sheets and bedding are already pretty worn before they even reach store shelves. Organic products, on the other hand, last perhaps ten times as long as conventional because they haven’t been processed and processed even more.

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