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The benefits of becoming a pet sitter

January 23, 2018

It is no secret that here in the UK we are a nation of pet lovers. It doesn’t matter if we are cat lovers, dog lovers or perhaps something a little different, having pets in our lives is a great way to bring us all a touch of happiness.

One of the only drawbacks of having a pet is that it can mean that it is tricky to have a social life, go on holiday or perhaps simply just head to work. This means that many people turn to pet sitting services in order to help them.

These pet sitters are in charge of taking care of the pet, no matter the type, whilst the owner isn’t around. This could be in your own home, as well as in the pet sitters home too. You might not realise it, but not only does this benefit the pet and its owner, but it can be great for the pet sitter too!

To help inspire would be pet sitters of the future, I’ve put together some of the benefits of becoming a pet sitter, particularly if you do it through Pawshake, who know all about how to arrange to become a pet sitter.

The benefits of becoming a pet sitter

A close up of a dog

You can meet new people (and their pets)

We can all benefit from meeting new people, however, sometimes it can be hard to find ways to meet them. If you become a pet sitter, then you are going to need to be social, which means that you will meet new people. Not to mention getting to know their amazing pets too! Plus all the dog walking you might be completing will have you meeting new people and keeping you fit at the same time.

You can earn money

Now, it is great to think that becoming a pet sitter means that you are going to meet new people, but in the most part, people decide to take this up in order to earn money. The great news is, if you really dedicate yourself to pet sitting, then you can earn a fair amount of money. You will also get all the benefits of working for yourself, such as setting your own hours.

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You get to spend time with an assortment of animals without the commitment

Are you the type of person who likes the idea of having a pet, but not sure that you can dedicate yourself to it just now? Or perhaps you are not 100% sure which type of pet you want? Being a pet sitter means that you essentially get to try out pets before you commit to having one for yourself. Think of this way, you get to walk them, play with them or stroke them and then you get your evening to yourself!

Your whole family can help out

If you have a family then they can also help out with your pet sitting duties. You can get them to help with dog walking and entertaining, no matter which animal it is. This means that they get to enjoy them just as much as you do!

Think that becoming a pet sitter sounds like the ideal job for you? Why not learn more about pet sitting as a career with Pawshake.

A close up of a dog

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