Tesco Toy Testers

October 19, 2013

Last weekend Boo Roo and Tigger Too headed off to the big smoke to enjoy an hour or two of toy testing. The lovely people over at Tesco had asked us to pop along and become Tesco Toy Testers for the day.

Bumping into Red Rose Mummy and PinkOddy on our way in I was relieved to see familiar faces as I was a little unsure of what to expect from the day. There was no need to worry as we were welcomed with open arms, offered a selection of food and drinks and whilst Roo and Tigger made themselves at home with the toys spread across the room (which at the end of the day were going to be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital), I was told all about the purpose of the session. Tesco were looking for children to play, interact and get to know the toys that were available, select their favourite and then participate in a mini filming session to talk about their chosen toy.

After enjoying playing with the toys Roo opted to take two singing Barbie dolls through to the filming session. Tigger whilst he was happy playing with the toys I knew that he would not have the confidence to chat and interact on camera, so Roo headed off brimming with enthusiasm.

When she came back she was even more excited than when she when off, practically bouncing along with excitement. I asked how it went and whether she was polite (manners are everything), she explained that she has them all dancing along to the songs whilst she was explaining how the Barbie’s worked.

I think I may have a budding TV personality on my hands, she’ll be asking for a video camera from Santa at this rate!
 Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: Our travel expenses to London were reimbursed and Roo received a goody bag for partaking in the filming session.
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