Transitional Day

July 2, 2013

A day that has been on our family calender since the beginning of the year… Transitional Day

What is so important about today? It is the day that Roo finds out who her teacher will be next year. With each step up through the school from Nursery to Reception, Reception to Year 1 and now finally Year 1 to Year 2 both Roo and I have had one out of the two teachers in our minds as our ‘favourite’.

Moving from Nursery to Reception she had Miss A and Mrs B, who even now she will go and say hello to and ask for a cuddle. I owe so much to those two wonderful ladies. They taught her to not only read, write and count but so much more. They helped develop her personality into the helpful, caring and sometimes cheeky little girl she is today.

Roo’s move from Reception to Year 1 was slightly more of a change as she said goodbye to the Early Years Foundation stage and to the right hand side of the school she had known for 2 1/2 years. Mrs M and Miss P have molded her mind into wanting to know more about maths, reading and endangered animals. They have helped her develop boundaries and understand good choices from bad ones.

Throughout her time in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 one thing has remained constant… her best friend Niamh. So as another school year end fast approached it is once again time to find out which teacher she will have next year and most importantly whether she will be in the same class as Niamh.

This afternoon I received a text whilst I was away in London…

‘Both girls… Mr G!’


I wonder what Year 2 will bring for Roo…

Boo xxx

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