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June 6, 2016

Although Roo will be ten this year and very much in the throes of tween drama I am quite lucky in that I am able to choose her clothes and that she will wear whatever I put out for her in a morning – although she’d love to wear pretty dresses every day if she could get away with it.

These days are numbered, it is only a matter of time before she wants to select her own clothes, refuse to wear anything that I like the look of and disagree about whether her outfit is appropriate for the day ahead.

House of Fraser Kids Dress Kids

House of Fraser recently got in touch regarding their Kids Dress Kids campaign. They have challenged me to let go of the reins and allow Roo to choose clothes that she would like to wear and for her to give her opinion as to why she choose them.

Little Dickins & Jones Girls Sparkly Waist Tulle Dress

As I sat next to Roo whilst she was looking through the different clothes to choose from I knew immediately that she would choose the Little Dickins & Jones Girls Sparkly Waist Tulle Dress. The pretty white dress complete with sparkly sequins scattered around the waist with a tulle skirt certainly caught Roo’s eye

Little Dickins & Jones Girls Sparkly Waist Tulle Dress - Roo Sitting

Little Dickins & Jones Girls Sparkly Waist Tulle Dress - Roo Close Up

I chose this white dress as it has beautiful sparkles on it and as it is white I can wear it with different coloured shoes and cardigans. I’d wear this whenever we go out for dinner or if I’m going out for the day

Little Dickins & Jones Girls Eyelash Tee and Benetton Girls Glitter Heart Detail Tutu

Roo paired the Little Dickins & Jones Girls Eyelash Tee and Benetton Girls Glitter Heart Detail Tutu together to form a beautiful everyday outfit with that added bit of sparkle.

Little Dickins & Jones Girls Eyelash Tee and Benetton Girls Glitter Heart Detail Tutu - Roo Standing

Little Dickins & Jones Girls Eyelash Tee and Benetton Girls Glitter Heart Detail Tutu - Roo Sitting

When I was looking at all the clothes I found the t-shirt first and really liked the different eyelash designs, especially as they were sparkly and had lots of different designs. When I looked for something to wear with the t-shirt I was going to choose a pair of jeans but then I spotted the tutu skirt and thought that they would look good together as the skirt has gold and silver hearts on the waist and it would match the sparkles on the t-shirt.

My thoughts on Roo’s Kids Dress Kids Outfit

I have to confess to liking the items that she chose they are very cute and girly and match her personality. I don’t think I that I would have chosen the dress as I would think about where and when she would wear it rather than how pretty it is but now that I have seen her in it I’m sure that she will find many occasions to wear it.

The tutu skirt and t-shirt combo I absolutely adore, it looks so lovely on her and whilst I wouldn’t have thought that you could wear a tutu every day when I see it paired with the t-shirt it makes me think why shouldn’t you wear a tutu every day.

Any outfit wouldn’t be complete without a bag, something she has inherited from me. The Benetton Girls Vintage Floral Rucksack is big enough to carry her essentials like sunglasses, lip balm, and purse yet small enough to be taken with her wherever she goes.

Overall I’m really pleased with what she chose and maybe it’s time to let her have more say about the clothes in her wardrobe. Thank you, House of Fraser fo opening my eyes to my daughter’s fashion sense and for helping me loosen my grip on the reins.

Do you let your kids chose their own clothes?

Disclosure: We received the above items FOC for the purpose of review.



  • Becky June 6, 2016 at 10:52 am

    oh I just love that white dress – so pretty. What a fab campaign idea

  • Donna June 6, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Love House of Fraser clothing. But with two boys I shudder to think what they would look like if I allowed them to dress themselves!

  • Mia July 2, 2016 at 4:27 am

    Yeah you are 100% right they are matching with her personality. Nice collection thanks for sharing .

  • Jessica Powell (Babi a Fi) July 7, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    I love her choices, especially the dress – it’s so pretty! x

  • Laura Denver July 11, 2016 at 11:00 am

    Both of her dresses are super pretty. Thanks for the post.

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