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November 23, 2020

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When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, make sure you the lightweight and compact Tesalate Workout Towel to hand.

Every new year brings with itself a host of opportunities to change the existing weaker areas in one’s life. There is a common tendency of each one of us to make resolutions on New year’s eve to transition into the new year in a new avatar. 

In some way or the other, being fit is a goal that is included in every individual’s bucket list for the new year. That’s because we all want to look or be like somebody or a celebrity. It’s high time to accept ourselves and move towards a fitter version of us. 

In this article, we have listed down a few tips that you use to achieve your fitness goals more efficiently. 

Achieve your fitness goals

Tesalate Workout Towel

Choose a diet plan

In a world where every single season a new diet trend or eating pattern crops up with the promise of better health, it is difficult to choose the right one for you. 

The easiest way to achieve any goal is to adopt simple techniques. In the case of fitness goals, the best way to achieve that targeted BMI indexed weight is by eating simple clean food. This indicates the intake of freshly prepared home-cooked local foods. 

This is the best way to align your health with the local climate and surrounding lifestyle. Choose clean and freshly sourced foodgrains, fresh fruits, vegetable pulses, and seeds. To achieve your fitness goals, you should focus on preparing a customised diet plan. 

Focus on doing a regular workout

For this particular suggestion, the main keyword is the word “regular”. Keep in mind that you cannot complete a goal unless you work for it every day. Stick to a beginner level workout regime. Stick to it and follow it regularly. You should at least do it three times a week for maximum reward. 

Make it a combination of cardio and strength training. It may feel good to workout and put up selfies on social media. But this is not going to change your health situation. To move into a better health phase be consistent with your workout regime. Make sure there is enough scope for stretching warm-ups and yoga to amp up the level of your workouts. 

Choose fitness over weight loss/gain

Being fit doesn’t mean that you have to have a certain weight and height. It means that you feel good about your body. When you decide to aim for being fit, you should focus on doing things that make you feel good about yourself. Just gaining or losing weight doesn’t mean you are fit. Keep in mind that both your mind and body should be at it’s best state possible. 

When you plan a workout schedule, make sure you are doing it to be healthy. This will make it seem less like a burden to your mind. If your goal is to be healthy in every way possible, you will find it easier to work hard to achieve your fitness goals. 

Tesalate Workout Towel

Transition into a healthier lifestyle

The main change that is needed to transition into a fitter version of yourself is a lifestyle change. That doesn’t only mean that you need to change the way you eat and exercise. 

The change should be well-paced and occur in terms of diet, workout, sleep and other daily schedules. You must give up on minute acts that make you unhealthy as well. 

This is what will cause a sustainable change in the life of those who are enthusiastic about being fit.

The change will be gradual and visible. One must affirm to choose a healthy lifestyle and not a hashtagged trend that comes with fancy names. You should understand the interconnection between food and humans in this regard and how it affects your fitness levels. 

Choose local foods over a fad diet advice

Choosing local seasonal and freshly prepared food should be the top priority for any fitness enthusiast. The focus should be on eating clean. The fad diets and fancy packeted health and fitness regimes are always detrimental in the long run. 

It breaks the connection between the man and his surroundings and leads to irreparable health issues. You should try to eat home-cooked meals whenever possible. 

Tesalate Workout Towel

Why choose the Tesalate Workout Towel?

  • A patent-pending towel with a zinc-based additive infused into the fabric during production. This additive is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, which means it is effective against not just bacteria but also the growth of fungi including mould, mildew and algae. A sweaty towel is often the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Tests show that this inhibits the growth of bacteria by 99.99% within 24 hours. 
  • The Tesalate workout towel is made using different fabric to the Tesalate beach towels with a unique texture.
  • Workout towels are designed to be antibacterial and odour-free.
  • Rapid drying compared to a regular towel.
  • Lightweight and compact at 100cm x 45cm, complete with a hanging hook for convenience.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, it can be stated that health must be weighed as the topmost priority for any individual. In order to succeed with all the new year resolutions, the focus should be on eating clean and working out consistently. 

We hope that this article helps you in achieving your fitness goals. Make sure to always keep fitness in the back of your mind to adapt to a healthier lifestyle! 

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Tesalate Workout Towel

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