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Taking Your Kids to India

November 15, 2018

It may seem like a crazy idea to take the whole family to India. You may have preconceived notions about this wonderful country. You may have the idea that it’s dirty and you’re sure to get travel sickness. India is so much more than the big cities you’ll fly into. There is a place of calm here.

A place where you can be healthy as well as spiritual while the kids and husband go off on a great safari or other adventures, you can take in a yoga retreat. In these small places, the food is ultra healthy and safe to consume. If you do want to take your family on a great adventure, here’s what you need to know.

Take your kids on an Indian adventure

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Travelling Around India

If you’re bringing the whole family to India, you might want to figure out one or two spots to visit. One thing about India is that it’s challenging to travel around. The toilet is rarely clean and the public transportation is a kind of crowd you’ve probably never experienced. If you do plan to take a bus or trains, make sure you have some days to relax afterwards or your kids might begin to feel upset that you’ve dragged them on an arduous trip.

Pack for Down Time

Transportation can be long and you may have to wait a long time to get on them. Make sure you pack diversions for the kids and for yourself too. Download movies or audiobooks. There are also cheap toys and games you can buy to pass the time in India. A great souvenir that will probably conjure up memories once you’re at home.

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Hire a Car

For a family, one of the best ways to get around is to hire a car. This allows you to avoid hanging out in public train and bus stations that are chaotic. If you take this route, make sure you bring booster seats with you if your children need them at home. You might have a hard time finding them here and usually, a car for hire won’t have them available. Drivers can be pretty crazy here so if you feel uncomfortable, don’t be polite. Ask them to slow down.

What You Should Pack

If necessary, you should pack washable diapers, rash cream and perhaps Calendula cream. It works against diaper rash and also heat rash. Infant formula, wet wipes, and extra bottles are also suggested. You may be able to find these things in India but as everything is so foreign, you may not recognize what stores house these items. You may also want to bring a light cot for your kids. Hotel cots in India are often hard to use, dirty, and uncomfortable.

Keeping in mind that pavement is scarce in India for walking, don’t bring a stroller. A backpack for smaller kids is recommended. It gets them off the ground and allows them to see what’s going on. This is invaluable when it’s crowded. Bring your own water wings too and footwear that is sturdy. Don’t forget your insect repellent and sun lotion. If you’re planning to get in some yoga asanas anytime, anywhere, you may want to bring a travel yoga mat as well.

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Health Precautions

There is not a lot of good health care facilities in India once you leave the big cities. Get advice from your doctor about what vaccinations you should get as well as things you should bring in your first-aid kit. If necessary, you can find health care in the more frequently travelled areas around India. You can find a doctor even on short notice. Just ask the hotel staff to help you track one down and they’ll probably even come to the hotel. It’s easy to get a prescription filled here and also much cheaper than you’re used to.

Diarrhoea is probably one of the biggest health concerns for your children if they experience a bad bout of Diarrhoea for more than a few days. Keep them hydrated and seek medical help.

Where to Stay

You have a lot of options when it comes to what kind of accommodation is available. You can do five-star hotels which are usually very kid friendly or stay in basic beach huts. This is usually fun for kids and gives them a better appreciation of the comforts back at home.

Mid-range hotels are always very open to children as well and you will find that they go above and beyond to make sure you and the kids are comfortable. Many of the places are okay with you cramming the whole family into a double room. The five-star hotels will often have a kid’s pool, a games room for kids and even clubs just for kids. You can get Mac and cheese at some places that cater to little guests.

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Safety in Eating

Yes, it’s true; food in India can be tough on your system. You may not be used to this kind of food but lucking, when you’re in the popular travel destinations, you have many choices. Places like Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Dharamsala, and Rishikesh offer a full range of International cuisine. When you’re travelling, bring some foods like bananas, samosas and packaged biscuits. They’re safe to eat and fill the gap until you get to a place that offers you safe food options.

If you want your kids to experience some authentic Indian food, they will love paneer which is an unfermented cheese. There are also daal dishes that aren’t spicy and your kids will love dishing it up with buttered naans. Momos are the Tibetan version of dumplings and they are a must try if you’re in the right region.

It’s important to take care of your own needs on a trip so far away, you might want to take in yoga classes or go to a yoga retreat. It’s all possible in India. There really is something for everyone. Safaris, treks, camping, fun parks, adrenaline-packed adventures, and moments of sheer bliss and peace are all at your front doorstep when you travel to India.

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