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Audible, Hot Weather and Living for the weekend #LittleLoves

August 26, 2022

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Each month I share my #littleloves, a chance to reflect on the things that I have read, watched, heard and made. As well as highlighting what I’ve worn and any other highlights in my life. It’s not about the big things, it’s about all those small #littleloves that make up everyday life.

There have been two key elements to the month of August, firstly, the weather – boy has it been hot! As a northerner at heart, my body is not made to withstand the temperatures that we’ve had this month. Whilst I’m not one for the rain either, the extreme heat is unbearable.

Secondly, the school holidays – those long summer days of the children being home. On the whole, it has been wonderful, they have played together and taken time to be by themselves as and when needed. They have camped in the garden, made the most of the paddling pool and sprinkler (no hosepipe ban in Norfolk), as well as having Nerf Gun wars in the sun. Truly thankful that they get on well together as What The Dad Said and I have been juggling our work patterns around the children.

This month’s #LittleLoves…

#LittleLoves Aug - Audley End Miniature Railway


Realising that my time to indulge in my reading would be somewhat limited around work, home and summer activities I have opted for a collection of instalove stories by Kali Hart. Each book taking approx an hour or so to read has allowed me to get my HEA fix without feeling as though I am rushing to get through a book as I’m limited on time.


Grease is the word! Just days before the sad news that Olvia Newton-John had died, Roo and I headed on a girl’s day out in London to see Grease The Musical with Peter Andre. Roo took part in a school production of the show a few years and loves the songs and storyline (personally I prefer Grease 2). The show was fantastic and it was so hard not to sing along to the songs throughout the show and wait for the mega mix at the end to join in.


As Puglet goes to bed on an evening we have been selecting an Audible book to listen to via her Amazon Echo Kids device. A special offer for Audible landing in my inbox had me deciding to give audiobooks another go (after failing during the pandemic). Downloading a story that I had already read as a trial run has had me hooked. Opting to listen in whilst I complete tasks around the house, typing up my blog posts etc. Although I need to get some new earphones as my old ones don’t hold the charge.


Whilst I would love to say as little as possible given the hot weather, it sounds a little too risque. Alas, we have all been attempting to keep cool as possible, Feeling thankful for my Shein dresses and SnagTights Chub Rub shorts to allow the air to flow as much as possible.


Being a working parent there’s always that fine line of finding the balance that works for you, and your family and changes day to day. The school holiday adds in an extra dollop of parental guilt, Over the years we have chosen to strike the balance in different ways, and many of the options we previously utilised are sadly not available to us anymore. This year we adopted the ‘living for the weekend’ approach. Making the most of the end of the traditional working week to get out and about with the children.


It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over. The six weeks of school holidays can feel like a drag but honestly, it has gone by in such a blur this year. Thankful once again for What The Dad Said and the family we have created.

What are your #LittleLoves this month?

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