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Halloween Movies For Teens

October 9, 2023

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Many horror fans are stocking up on their favourite scary films with Halloween just approaching. With one of the biggest Halloween franchises being “Paranormal Activity,” there is an even bigger interest in ghost and haunting teen horror movies. With those films growing more popular as time rolls on, here is a look at the best Halloween movies of all time to catch up on this Halloween.

From family comical fantasy classics to teenage horror, the following list of Halloween movies are iconic films perfect for a Halloween movie marathon and suited to a wide range of tastes. But they also provide good movie entertainment for the rest of the year.

Halloween Movies For A Teen Movie Marathon

The majority of these films are available on Amazon Prime, Netflix and other streaming services, however, you can opt to purchase them to ensure they are ready to go as soon as you want to watch them.

The Sixth Sense Is One Of The Best Scary Movies For Young Teens

While M. Night Shyamalan has recently become a slight joke in this film community, his Hollywood career started with a bang. In “The Sixth Sense,” Bruce Willis stars as a child psychologist who has a former patient shoot him during a home invasion. While recovering he meets a young boy who claims he can see dead people and sets out to help him while seeking redemption.

Beetlejuice Is Great For A Group Of Teenagers And Should Be On Every List Of Scary Movies

This Tim Burton horror-comedy helped launch the career of the director, as Michael Keaton simply knocked it out of the park as a ghost named “Beetlejuice.” In the movie, an obnoxious family moves into an old house and the former residents, now spirits, hire Beetlejuice to exorcise the humans from the home.

Poltergeist Is A Scary Film And A Favorite Halloween Movies

Steven Spielberg produced one of the best exorcism/ghost classic horror movies of all time “Poltergeist.” Directed by Tobe Hooper, a family moves into a new home and ends up haunted by a poltergeist who has used their daughter as a vessel into the real world. Since its release, it has appeared on many lists of the best horror movies ever.

What the best 90s halloween movies to watch?

Ugetsu For A Halloween Mood For A Family Movie Night

​The 1953 Japanese ghost movie “Ugetsu” tells the story of a young man who heads out to battle and breaks the one rule he was always taught to live by and never seek profit during times of upheaval. While out in the world, and away from his wife, he meets a noblewoman who turns out to be a ghost and seeks out adventures that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

The Haunting For The Halloween Season

One of the key truths to horror is that what an audience is not shown is scarier than what they are shown. What you imagine is behind the door is more terrifying than what a filmmaker can show you. That was the rule that the 1969 version of “The Haunting” lived by, as a couple finds themselves terrorised by an unseen spirit. The movie received a remake 30 years later that failed because it tried to show too much.

Session 9 Is Great For A Group Of Teens

Session 9,” tells the story of a group of men hired to clear the asbestos out of an abandoned prison hospital. The movie creates a very creepy slow-burn horror movie with a great-looking location. The men eventually discover a recording of the horrors that once took place there and soon they all start to fall as a vindictive spirit seeks vengeance.

The Devil’s Backbone For The Whole Family

The Devil’s Backbone,” tells the story of a young boy whose father drops him off at an old orphanage, while he heads out to fight in the Spanish Civil War. It is hinted early on that he won’t return and this young boy must find a way to deal with this new life, living in the old facility, with an undetonated bomb in the front court and an angry ghost who wants retribution for a crime that was never vindicated.

Halloween Movie Night Ideas

The Blair Witch Project is a Cult Classic 

In Burkittsville, in the year 1994, three students – Heather (Heather Donahue), Josh (Joshua Leonard) and Michael (Michael Williams) – head into the woods to investigate the local legend of the Blair Witch, a spirit blamed for the deaths of various children. However, soon after setting out, the trio run into trouble…

Stir of Echoes

“Stir of Echoes” stars Kevin Bacon as a father who is hypnotised and then finds that a spirit from the other world can now connect with him and his young child. While the ghost seems gentle with the boy, it grows increasingly violent with Bacon as the movie moves on, demanding that he step up his game and figure out the puzzle the being needs to solve before it can move on to the other side.

Ghostbusters Is One Of The Best Horror Films

​One of the most successful ghost movies of all time is “Ghostbusters,” a comedy starring three veterans from “Saturday Night Live.” The movie features the three as ghost exorcists, who use high-tech equipment to entrap the spirits, soon becoming a national sensation. When vengeful demons attack New York, they are the city’s only hope.

The Shining Is For Older Kids On Halloween Night

​Stanley Kubrick adapted the Stephen King novel “The Shining,” a story about a family moving into a hotel to take care of it over the winter while it is closed. While there, the father becomes increasingly paranoid and begins to see ghosts from the hotel’s past, eventually driving him into a homicidal rage. It might be one of the best horror movies ever made, regardless of the subgenre.

What the best 90s halloween movies to watch?

Hocus Pocus Is One Of The Greatest Spooky Season Movie

Starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy in Hocus Pocus, a Disney classic and one of the best family-friendly Halloween movies. It’s been 300 years since the Sanderson sisters were convicted of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. However, they’re soon resurrected as the new kid in town, who is a sceptic in the local lore of the witches lights the black-flame candle. Now summoned on All Hallows Eve, the troublesome trio are determined as ever to practice their witchcraft and preserve their beauty, but the night of Halloween is their last chance to do so.

Yet a group of youngsters and a black cat stand in their way and take on the challenge-filled adventure to stop the wretched witches from stealing the souls of children. This movie is more than a popular young children’s Halloween story, the movie is in itself comical and entertaining and just right for the nature of Halloween for most children today. 

There are many funny moments which include times when the seventeenth-century sisters become confused and acquainted with twentieth-century life. It’s sure to entertain viewers both younger kids and old and is often aired on TV during or before Halloween.

Halloween Is One Of The Best Slasher Films

This hugely popular classic Halloween movie and the subsequent sequels will have any scary-movie fan on the edge of their seat, and as a result, is suited to older more mature viewers. Despite portraying a perhaps simple story of a dangerous child-murderer, Michael Myers, a serial killer, who escapes Smith’s Grove sanitarium and returns to his small town to hunt down and slay some babysitters on Halloween, itís the storytelling that makes this classic movie a continuing boomerang-hit. Despite being a relatively low-budget film, it has often been deemed a masterpiece in the horror genre.

In the first of the sequels at least, there are no computer-animated images. This movie relies on clever use of text-book horror techniques that work well. There isn’t any blood and gore, but some of the scary appeals can be found in the haunting music, visual frights, and lighting techniques that psychologically work to arouse a frightening foreshadowing of what’s to come. Halloween is a quality horror film that’s worth a watch for horror fans of scary movies.

Casper Is For The Little Kids

Casper is a great horror comedy yet touching family-suited and younger children movie and is a popular staple of Halloween and the holiday season in general. The story begins when a selfish woman called Carrigan inherits a family home from her father. Outraged at the prospect of not inheriting piles of money, she throws the will in the fire, only to discover that the will hints at tips on how to acquire a hidden treasure from the haunted mansion. However, there is a catch; ghosts and evil forces haunt the mansion. She soon calls in Dr James Harvey, who happens to be a paranormal expert and sort of therapist for the dead.

He moves into the mansion with his teenage daughter Kat. James and Kat soon get acquainted with Casperís uncles, the troublesome trio Stretch, Fatso, and Stinky (they do embody their names quite comically). And James is constantly abused while trying to heal the mischievous ghosts. However, Kat soon gets to know Casper, who far from being evil, happens to be a friendly ghost, who only wants a friend. 

Kat also is lonely and is never the popular teenage girl at school. Kat and Casper become close and they share their sad and personal stories (don’t want to spoil the movie completely). One of the most heartfelt moments of this movie is when Casper becomes human again and ends up dancing with Kat.

Halloween Movie Night Ideas

By no means is this list exclusive, there are many other great kids Halloween movies out there, here was just a gathering of some of the most popular. The above scary stories are a Halloween tradition for many because they embody the spirit of the holiday as known today, so well.

​Movies that successfully capture and embody the spooky and fun yet other times the scary and spine-chilling spirit of Halloween and related themes today are often popular favourites that people like to watch time after time.

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