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Sugar-free Easter Gift Guide

March 3, 2023

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When it comes to Easter we have come to think of it as a time of year when we can enjoy chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and every snack point in between. Although there is an element of fun splice in between the chocolate eating why is it that we focus on the amount of chocolate we have received or eaten? Shouldn’t we be focusing on the perfect time to spend another seasonal milestone together as a family and look at sugar-free versions of how to celebrate the occasion?

Organising a Sugar-free Easter Egg Hunt

If you are attempting to reduce your children’s sugar intake this Easter and looking to organise a sugar-free Easter egg hunt for the children, there is no reason that this can’t still be just as fun as last year’s chocolate-filled fest. Utilising the plastic Easter eggs that you have left over from previous years and hide clues or individual letters inside of them which can be used as a scavenger-style hunt or anagram for them. Adding arrows on the paths using sidewalk chalk or placing a plush bunny to lead them to their Easter baskets as a grand finale.

easter eggs in a bucket - Sugar-free Easter Gift Guide

Sugar-free Easter Basket Ideas

When it comes to ideas of what to include in sugar-free Easter baskets try to think about the classic gifting principles of something to read, something they need, something they want and something to wear. If you wanted to add something that the whole family can enjoy then consider adding the something to experience gifting principle.

Something to read

One of the fun ways to bring the season to life is through the range of fun Easter-themed books that children and adults alike can enjoy, from remakes of classic books such as We’re Going On An Egg Hunt. Alternatively, you can add coloring books or activity books or brain games books that will allow children to occupy them over the school holidays. If you are looking to indulge their passion for reading, then why not get them a book or book collection from one of their favourite authors, such as the Wizards of Once Series.

Something they want

Whilst most kiddies will be expecting to find classic Easter treats such as Easter chocolates, jelly beans and naturally Easter eggs. There are several reasons why you may or may not want to include these within your Easter traditions. You could look for sugar-free options to find a balance between society’s expectations for Easter and the sugar overload that your children may be receiving.

Something they need

The difference between want and need is always a great subject to debate with children, although they might not find it as intriguing as you do. Similarly to Christmas stockings, I like to take this opportunity to add a little something that they have mentioned in passing or in the case of my teenager quite possibly at any given opportunity. It could be bath bombs or a lip balm that they absolutely MUST HAVE, a digital download code for extras on a game that they like to play or maybe subscriptions to monthly clubs or boxes that they have seen on YouTube unboxing extra.

Something to wear

This doesn’t necessarily have to be an entire outfit or even themed towards the season. It could quite simply be something that they have been needing after a recent growth spurt and you can give it to them as part of their Easter gift (sneaking, I know, but we are all feeling the pinch and children won’t know any difference).

cute happy diverse children sitting on floor and playing together with multicolored egg toys - Sugar-free Easter Gift Guide

Something to experience

Naturally, you might be thinking that an experience must involve a grand day out, visiting a new or favourite attraction, or maybe even going out for dinner together. However, it can be as simple as an activity that has all of the family coming together. Be it a new board game that you can all play together, another great idea is heading out together on bikes, scooters or even on foot to explore your neighbourhood. A chance to get outdoors, get some fresh air and see how your neighbours are experiencing Easter – you could work with your neighbours to do a neighbourhood Easter egg hunt by placing coloured easter egg pictures in your windows.

Sugar-free Easter Gift Ideas

Are you looking for sugar-free Easter gift ideas to give to your children, family and friends that are not only fun but will last so much longer than an Easter egg? Take a look at these sugar-free Easter treats and gifts that you might want to consider this year…

Sugar-free Easter Treats for Preschoolers

person tying knot on chicken decor - Sugar-free Easter Gift Guide

Geomag Magicube Animals 9-Piece Blocks Magnetic Building Set

Made from 100% recycled plastic this set contains 9 magnetic cubes, incl. 3 cubes, 3 half cubes, and 3 quarter circles – perfect for inspiring imagination and curiosity in children of all ages. Designed to help develop eye-hand coordination, creativity & problem-solving skills – Geomag’s Animal Shapes is the perfect way to keep your kids busy & learning for hours on end.

Room To Grow Roleplay Toys

Roleplay toys are a fun way to help develop imagination, language and many other skills. Dress up and be a vet, dentist builder or DJ. Every day can be a new adventure with this collection of toys. A great addition for them to play either with dolls, soft toys and even their siblings. Allowing them to learn through play (without them realising) and decreasing their dependence on screens.

Room to Grow is a childrens bedroom experts, supplying mid sleeperscabin bedsloft bedstoddler beds and more to families across the UK. 

adorable girl applying colorful easter stickers on wall - Sugar-free Easter Gift Guide

BigJigs Eco-friendly Beach Set

Get digging with the delightful BigJigs Eco-friendly set. The first is the Spade. The eco-friendly spade is made from wheat fibre which is very similar to plastic but much better for the planet. You’ll notice the lovely wheat flecks amongst the spades. It’s super easy to keep clean, too.

The sustainable kids’ spade is perfect for digging sand at the beach or planting seeds in the flower bed. The handle is easy for little fingers to grip and hold and compact enough to be packed anywhere.

Bluey Easter Basket

As seen on the hit show Bluey, fans can now buy the new Bluey Easter Basket, for some eggcellent Easter holiday fun – a perfect chocolate-free Easter treat. There are two baskets to choose from – one with a Bluey figure and one with her sister Bingo – so kiddos can recreate some of the happy holiday moments from Bluey, the hit global show loved by kids, parents, Hollywood stars and British celebrities.

The cute basket contains an adorable Easter-themed sticker sheet, so kiddos can decorate their basket with colourful Easter bunnies, carrots, chicks and eggs. For little kiddos on the go, the basket loop splits, so it can be easily attached to a backpack or bag so Bluey can come along too!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Picnic

A brand new Easter adventure with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Join The Very Hungry Caterpillar as he explores the outdoors! Meeting lots of friendly creatures for a delicious Easter picnic. Packed with bright illustrations and easy-to-read sentences, this board book is perfect for little hands. With a sparkly fold-out surprise at the end, young readers will adore this Easter twist on the classic tale.

Sugar-free Easter Treats for School Age

girl painting in coloring book in daytime - Sugar-free Easter Gift Guide

Dantoy’s I’m Green Baking Set

Bake up something special with Dantoy’s I’m Green Baking Set is the perfect way for your children to have fun and learn about the environment at the same time! Whilst this might not 100% fit the sugar-free Easter theme, it does allow children to understand what ingredients go into their favourite treats.

Crafted with environmentally-friendly bioplastic, this set has all the tools children need to create delicious treats. With a rolling pin, cookie cutters, cupcake moulds, and more, your children can use their imagination to bake up something special. Whether it’s a birthday cake or a batch of cookies for a special occasion, this baking set will provide hours of creative fun while teaching kids about sustainability and eco-friendly living.

Orchard Toys Games

In this sugar-free Easter treat, players collect spotty bunnies and discover the eggs – it’s fun for all the family!

Joining Orchard Toys Mini Games collection, Egg Surprise is small in size but big in fun and makes the ideal Easter gift. The compact game is also perfect for fun and learning at home and away for the Easter holidays. Why not check out the other themed mini-games to collect – Penguin Pairs, Dinosaur Dominoes, Llamas in Pyjamas, Jungle Snakes and Ladders and Little Bug Bingo?

For more sugar-free Easter family fun, there’s the new Orchard Toys Goose on the Loose. A fun colour-matching board game with lots of laughs, where players help the farmers round up the escaped geese, shouting ‘Honk’ as they collect their 3D geese and move around the board – but lose a goose and you must shout ‘goose on the loose!’

People Power: Peaceful Protests that Changed the World

Taking a close look at peaceful revolutions from around the world, this important book gives young readers the information and encouragement they need to be part of a better future—for themselves and for all of us.

From Gandhi to Rosa Parks, the Arab Spring to Black Lives Matter, this introduction to the power of protests covers nearly every continent to show young readers that they can be effective on their own or as part of a movement. Filled with colourful, detailed illustrations and straightforward, engaging texts, this book uses double-page spreads to tell the story of world-changing moments when justice prevailed over intolerance, and peace overcame conflict.

assorted easter eggs - Sugar-free Easter Gift Guide

Harry Potter Flipolo game: The Frantic Flip Matching

This exciting Harry Potter Filpolo game requires both speed and keen observation, as players race to complete their gameboard. Sounds simple? You’ll be surprised! All Harry Potter tiles are double-sided, so you must flip and switch, then switch and flip until all tiles are in place. It’s a different challenge every time. Flip over the double-sided tiles to make matches and match up all your tiles to your gameboard to win!

  • Jump into the wizarding world of Hogwarts with the fast-paced magical matching game, Harry Potter Flipolo!
  • Flip over the double-sided tiles to make matches
  • Match up your Harry Potter character tiles to the gameboard
  • The first player to complete their matches wins!
  • Aids visual perception and logical thinking
  • Great gift idea for new and long-time Harry Potter fans

Disney Kingdomania: Expandable Game

Enter the digital game world of Disney Kingdomania! Each level features cherished Disney stories and characters, but troublesome Glitches are causing chaos and mixing up the levels! Patch the problems before they crash the game. This game located in a plastic egg would make a great sugar-free alternative for an Easter egg hunt. It’s also a fun way to improve their fine motor skills as they find ways to navigate their way through the game,

The Human Body – Under X-Ray

The Human Body – Under X-Ray is an 84-piece jigsaw puzzle that helps kids understand their body and how it all fits together! Fit the pieces together and then complete the mission cards to identify body parts and use the special UV torchlight to locate and reveal what cannot be seen with the naked eye. A perfect addition and great learning tool for school-age children who are keen to know more about the subjects they may be learning about at school as well as

Planning a sugar-free Easter doesn’t have to mean that the fun has been lost from the season, looking at things from a different viewpoint means that you can still make things special and create memories together.

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