Filling Christmas Stockings early

June 25, 2015

Christmas is a magical time of the year. It is a time of the year that I adore. I love getting lost in decorations from twinkly lights to tinsel hanging from every available surface. I love the build up to the big day and watching the children countdown the sleeps until Santa visits.

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Up until a couple of years ago I used to pride myself of how organised I was for Christmas. Christmas cards would be written and posted ready to arrive for the December 1st. Christmas presents were both bought and wrapped by the first week of December (if not before). Being organised allowed me the opportunity to enjoy the build up with Roo and Tigger, attending the Christmas lights switch on, visiting Santa in his grotto and enjoying Christmas movies snuggled on the sofa together.

Last year and the year before I dropped the ball and my usual organised self has fallen victim to the procrastination of life. Many Christmas cards weren’t even written last year never mind being posted  Christmas present wrapping was done right up until Christmas Eve. Whilst Christmas still happened I felt I has let my family down by not being organised.

This year with Piglet due to arrive in early December I have a very good reason to be organised once again. With this aim in mind I am starting early with one of the things I struggle with every year – Christmas Stockings!

When I was younger I would receive an apple, a satsuma, a novelty pencil, a pair of socks and a £1 coin in my stocking. Times have changed somewhat from those days and Christmas stockings now contain little bits and bobs to help keep children entertained before they are let loose on the main presents.

Hawkins Bazaar have come to my rescue this year with their prepared Christmas Stockings. Priced at £20.00 each you might be might be fooled into thinking that seems expensive however each one comes with a large 56cm red Christmas stocking with a wide selection of stocking fillers which they guarantee a minimum of £10 saving, that’s 33% off the price if the same items had been bought separately.

The ready-filled Christmas Stockings are available for both boys and girls in either 3yrs+ or 8yrs+ as well as an adult male version. Each stocking is filled with fabulous stocking fillers such as Christmas dominoes, writing set, craft sets, novelty pencils, puzzles to name just a few. I have to say that I was quite impressed with the selection of stocking fillers within the stockings I received in the Girls 8yrs+ and Boys 3yrs+ stockings, a mixture of crafts, activities and silliness that is bound to keep Roo and Tigger occupied come Christmas morning and beyond.

Next year I’m not sure whether I’ll choose the easy option of ready-made Christmas Stockings or select items from their stocking fillers selection. If I’m honest I quite like the random choice of not knowing what each stocking contains.

Disclosure: We received two ready-filled Christmas Stockings FOC for the purpose of review

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