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Suddenly Monday, McDonalds Big Mac and Impromptu beach visits #LittleLoves

October 6, 2017

Suddenly Monday appears again 
Where was the weekend? 
I lost it again 

The above lyrics are from one of my favourite Melanie C songs – Suddenly Monday. These few lines have been racing through my mind this week as the days have been ticking away. Before I know it, it will be Monday again and not only will I have lost the weekend but the week previous to it. 

Although I can’t complain this week as I have thrown the to-do list out of the window, shrugged off the Stay At Home Mum feeling and have been out and about. Long overdue catch-ups with friends, a trip to the beach to blow away the cobwebs and a fun experience getting to make my very own Big Mac (more on that next week).

Time for this week’s #LittleLoves


We received a copy of Dragon’s Green: Worldquake book one to review a couple of weeks ago. This week Roo and I managed to sit down and start reading it. We’ve managed to get most of the way through as we’re finding it quite a page-turner.

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Sunday nights are the one night of the week when Mr. Boo and I make sure that we sit down, watch a film and catch up with one another. Family life is hectic, especially in the run up to birthday season and Christmas. This week we opted to watch a firm favourite, Definitely Maybe featuring Ryan Reynolds and Isla Fisher. It does alway make me cry but such a fantastic love story.

Obviously, I can’t miss mentioning the end of Doctor Foster – Did you see it? I’m not sure if I’m happy with the ending, possibly leaving the door open for a further series??


Chitter chatter, lots and lots of chitter chatter. It’s been so long since I managed to catch up with some friends, so we talked a lot. Although like all good friendships, it was as though no time had passed and we’d just seen each other the other day.


A McDonalds Big Mac! I was fortunate to attend a local event in one of the McDonalds stores (more on this next week). One of the activities during the event was to don the iconic McDonalds uniform and head in the kitchen to make our very own Big Mac – so exciting!


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Whilst I was out meeting a friend this week, I found that Piglet and I had an hour or two to kill before we needed to dash back to collect Roo and Tigger from school. As we were in Great Yarmouth it seemed only right to enjoy some time at the beach. The sun shone, the wind blew and the waves crashed, however, Piglet donned her Muddy Puddles Scamp Suit and had an amazing time. Unlike me who ended up with wet feet after an impromptu splish splash in the sea.


It’s the weekend again, I have grand plans for tomorrow with Roo. A girls days out in London with friends – I can’t wait!

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