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Why Luxury Vinyl Tiles are the best option for a busy family home

November 25, 2019

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Modern life is getting busier, so we need everything on our side to help us along with our hectic schedule. Our home is the perfect place to start, and with the New Year fast approaching, many of us like to dive into a new project. So why not consider a new floor that will make your life easier as your New Year’s project? Here’s why Luxury Vinyl is the perfect option for your renovation… 

What are the benefits?

So why is vinyl flooring great for family homes? The first thing you consider when purchasing new flooring is how hard-wearing it is. You’ll have no fears with vinyl; it’s incredibly tough, withstanding heavy domestic use and high footfall without showing wear. Additionally to this, it is scratch and stain proof, ideal for kitchens and messy mealtimes where we see all sorts dropped on our floors! It is also considerably cheaper than alternatives such as wood and tile. Once more, most brands offer a twenty-plus year guarantee. 

Vinyl is also waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about any spillages, making it a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Water exposure is a constant threat to every room in our home, so if you cover your home in vinyl then you’ll have no worries at all. As well as this, vinyl is anti-slip as opposed to stone and tiles. Given how children and pets like to charge around the house, this is perhaps more important than you might have first thought! These benefits also mean it is soft and cushioned underfoot, as well as this lax surface reducing noise! 

Under-floor heating is something that we are seeing more and more of in our homes, and again LVT is more than capable of dealing with the fluctuating temperatures of under-floor heating associated with it. 

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Types and styles

Luxury vinyl tiles are an impressive modern flooring solution which scraps the idea of old-fashioned, unsightly sheet vinyl. With LVT, it has been revolutionised to mimic natural products such as tile and wood so well, that it’s nearly impossible to tell it apart from its inspiration. 

LVT is usually available in two formats; plank and tile. Planks are more often associated with wood effects finishes, whereas the tile style better reflects authentic stone and ceramic tiles. The former is more popular in living spaces, with various wood styles available including traditional oak and walnut colours, as well as more modern greys. Meanwhile, tile style LVT if often chosen for kitchens and bathrooms, particularly in homes looking to give a modern twist or a cottage vibe. 

We’ve highlighted a number of benefits of LVT here, but with all this being said, the only person that can decide whether it’s right got your home is you. It might be that you’ve fallen for the charm of wood, or you enjoy the slick look of tiles. However, the beauty of vinyl is that you get the practical benefits suitable for a family home, along with the convincing authentic appearance. 

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