The benefits of using carpet tiles

July 22, 2019

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When you are thinking about remodelling rooms in your house, you want to make it look beautiful but you want to keep the remodelling costs down. Using Forbo Tessera Carpet Tiles is a great option to create the room of your dreams while saving money. 

Why Use Carpet Tiles

When you are redoing floors, most people need to hire a professional carpet installer. People use a professional carpet installed because it can be complicated to lay carpet. Using carpet tiles can make it much easier to lay carpet. No need to worry about it being difficult. Because carpet tiles are made as a stick down product, you do no need to worry about tack strips, padding or carpet tools. 

Laying Traditional Carpet

With traditional carpeting, you need to remove the old carpeting, remove any leftover padding and glue from the floor. Then you need to replace the carpet strips around the outside of the room if they are damaged from the old carpet. Then you have to lay the carpet. Starting at one end you lay the carpet, making sure to “kick” it into place. Not actually kicking it, it is a term used for making sure the bumps are out of the carpet and making sure the carpet is tightly pulled. 

Laying Carpet Tiles is Much Easier

To lay carpet tiles simply remove the furniture from the area and then the old carpet. If there is a carpet strip along the edges of the room, you will want to remove it. When laying traditional carpet you start at one end. When laying carpet tiles, you start in the centre. This makes sure the tiles are laid evenly. Then it is just a matter of removing the backs and laying the tiles. With the exception of a cutting blade, no extra tools are required.

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How Carpet Tiles Save you Money

There are several ways that carpet tiles can save you money. First, you do not need to buy extra floor padding. The tiles have built-in padding, so this makes it easier to lay and cheaper to buy. 

Carpet tiles allow you to install your own carpet, which can save you about 25-40%. 

Carpet tiles are also great because if the carpet gets ruined in one area, by stains or pets or by anything, you simply remove that carpet tile sections and you can put a new tile in its place. You don’t have to buy an entirely new carpet. Think about how beneficial this is with kids, pets or in areas of high traffic. Carpet tiles are versatile. There are many colours and styles available. Check out WJD Flooring to see the available options.

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