4 Tips for Wearing Men’s Rings in Style

4 Tips for Wearing Men’s Rings in Style

January 30, 2024


A man’s ring says a lot about him. A class ring might say he looks back fondly on his high school or college experiences. Another ring could indicate this man belongs to a secret society.

You can find superb men’s rings sold by some of the most well-regarded jewelers in the world, but before you buy one, you should consider these tips. They will help guide your strategy as you present your style and fashion sense to the world. 

Should You Stay Simple or Get Extravagant?

If you look at a wide selection of men’s rings, you will doubtless see that there are some simple styles, like unadorned gold bands, or extremely elaborate rings that are bulky and immediately noticeable. Which style is for you?

To answer that you will need to think about what kind of person you are. Are you flamboyant or more understated? Do you like to dress up in outfits that get you a lot of attention, or do you prefer to blend in?

The style of ring you get should reflect your personality, and it should match the rest of your outfit as well. Consider this before you make a purchase, especially if you plan to wear the ring you buy often. 

Consider Your Skin Tone

Maybe you like white or yellow gold rings. Perhaps you like something more exotic, like onyx. However, do the kind of rings you like go well with your skin tone?

Trying on some different rings should help you determine what kind of materials look good against your skin. You may love a particular material, but what if it looks out of place because of your skin tone? You’re free to wear anything you want, but some men find they can exclude some ring styles or materials because they look out of place against their skin.

4 Tips for Wearing Men’s Rings in Style
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Consider the Comfort Factor

If you’re going to wear a ring, you should think about what you do all day. Are you a laborer? Someone who uses their hands all day at work might not want to have a huge, bulky ring slowing them down or getting in the way. 

Also, think about whether you are left or right-handed. Will you wear the ring on your dominant hand? If so, it should not be a nuisance. 

Think about other factors, like whether you meet new people all the time and shake their hands or whether your job has a dress code that the ring might violate. These factors should certainly come into play when making your decision. 

Can You Wear the Ring with Confidence?

Sometimes, when you try on an article of clothing or a piece of jewelry, you just feel that it completes you. Likewise, you might try something on and immediately feel ridiculous. 

Rings definitely qualify. You might find one and slip it on and then feel like it was made for you. You may also try one and immediately sense that it will get you attention for all the wrong reasons. 

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