Why A Traditional Ground Is Best For Your Wedding

April 27, 2021

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Don’t lie, you want a fairytale wedding. Any couple that says they wouldn’t jump at the chance of such a wedding, is either really not feeling the vibes or is plain lying. The traditional wedding is done the best in nations like the UK. It’s what we all imagine when we think of this type of wedding, isn’t it? But we are going to focus on one particular thing; the venue. The traditional grounds i.e. the manor house and gardens is the most iconic image of the sentimental wedding. But why would you want to have your party in this kind of space?

The beautiful design

It’s no secret that the UK has some of the best European building designs in the world. The most notable are the English Royal Family styles of Georgian, Victorian and neoclassical. These types of style are large, brash and they impose on the onlooker. They are quite broad and they don’t usually use bricks. They use large blocks of support stone interlinked with small types of softer stone. The softer stone is for decorative purposes, so balconies, roofs and chimneys can be fashioned. Nothing will look quite like an English country home.

Acres of ground

The reason why we often refer to English country homes as grounds and gardens is because they are simply massive. Take a look at Clevedon Hall which is in the South of the UK. It has 17 acres of land all to itself, so you can have one hell of a guest list number for your wedding. The interior is pretty plush, with lots of soft chairs and amazing gilded hallways. The garden is looked after by their own groundskeeping staff. They take pride in how the lawn and the flowers present themselves to guests, so you can expect lots of room but no one inch looking out of place.

The story

Traditional homes such as these, are ripe with a story. They will usually have their own books of owners, occupants, guests and events. Many classic English homes were stages set for Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers and other world leaders at some time or another. So you can expect to find chairs that powerful people sat in, cutlery that a romantic couple idolised by millions used and hallways where some famous people stood and posed for the lens. Can you say this about a modern hotel venue? Most likely not. You can add to the story with your own wedding.

Fairytale appeal

There’s little doubt that many of the fairytale stories that we tell our children are set in a traditional home. Weddings are like moths to a flame when it comes to traditional grounds. They have been this way for some time and it’s because the homes are grand. Made by hand, maintained and passed on to generations and generations, there is keen value in keeping the history alive.

When you book your wedding party venue, think of the traditional home in the country. There’s nothing else like it and you could have a wedding that is bathed in history, style and uniqueness. 

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