5 Benefits of Digital Signage for Your Small Business - silver flat screen computer monitor on white wooden desk

5 Benefits of Digital Signage for Your Small Business

August 24, 2022


Digital signs have always been a popular concept, and now that they are very cheap to buy and run, we are seeing them everywhere from boutiques in Paris to McDonalds’ stores. They obviously have their benefits, but what are they? How can they benefit small businesses exactly?

What are the Benefits of Digital Signage

5 Benefits of Digital Signage for Your Small Business - silver imac on brown wooden table

The Software is Dynamic, Innovative, and Highly Sophisticated

We are not talking about simple PowerPoint presentations these days. We are talking about digital signage software that can schedule content, mix up content, which can create, distribute and manage live data. Set up a single sign or hundreds of them, and you can run them from the same piece of software. Optimizing is easy and installing is no more difficult than installing an app on your phone. Digital sign software has never been this advanced and this sophisticated. It alone can benefit your business simply by how flexible and powerful the software is on your desktop devices and digital signs.

Promote Just About Anything

Imagine having a poster in your store. It works by drawing attention and then selling something. Now, imagine your paper poster was automatically removed by a robot every five minutes and was changed to something else. That is the very least of what your digital sign can do. It allows you to host a series of poster images, adverts of various types, and even videos. You can run video adverts like the ones you run on YouTube or Facebook, or you can create full documentaries if you wish. The sales content you put up is your choice. It is the sheer amount of choice you have that makes digital signs special.

Test Your Marketing

Why are you paying a fortune to have your video adverts run online when you have no idea if they work or not. Test them out in your store by running them and seeing if the products on sale are actually bought. Make sure to regulate test conditions, firstly selling them without the adverts and then with the advertisements and making sure the products are clearly visible in your store and see if your adverts actually increase sales.

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Have People Choose Their Own Content

This is a little more sophisticated, but perhaps people want a green version of your coat, or a blue version of your toy tractors. If this is the case, simply have the options available on your digital signs. You can also have people choose their own content on your signs by giving people the choice of what they watch. Are people interested in your Japanese knives, then give them the option of watching a demonstration. Are people more interested in the power of your processing units? Then let them choose to watch the benchmark tests on your processing units. 

Get Your Message Across to Many Locations At Once

Have you just had a stock drop of some of the newest game consoles? Why not tell all your store locations with just one digital sign message? Have you just had a massive overstock of your newest winter coat line? Why not announce a brand new deal right now to all your franchise locations through their digital signs? There are many ways you can use your digital signs to get very recent and very relevant information to the staff or the customers of your various locations.

Even in the same store, you can alter and change your messages to suit the time of day, the location of the sign in the store, and the types of customers you are likely to get into your store on any specific day.

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