Settling in to watch some of my favourite TV shows on Freeview Play

November 12, 2015

With the nights drawing in, the leaves falling off the trees and the chilly air starting to make an appearance it seems appropriate that my PJ’s are getting put on straight after we have eaten our tea (we’ll over look the fact that I a) love PJ’s and b) am heavily pregnant so am currently only comfortable in my PJ’s). With the children snuggled up in bed you will find me on the sofa, PJ clad, snuggled under a blanket armed with a drink, nibbles (they are for Piglet really not me) and the remote control because Autumn is a time to settle in to watch some of my favourite TV shows on Freeview Play.

What I’m watching…

The Apprentice

With each new week and task the numbers of candidates is dwindling, especially with three of them going last night! (did you see it, it was amazing to watch) Lord Sugar is certainly keeping me entertained. Along with his trusty sidekicks Karen and Graham they are really providing me with some comedy moments, I’m loving their little outbursts of wit.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

Ah George Clarke with his amazing blue eyes – erm I mean, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces is one of those inspirational shows that almost makes me want to buy up some old wreck and see what I can transform it into. I say almost as I’m somewhat lacking in the DIY skills department, oh and funds to buy said project. My favourite episode is from  few years ago when he made the most amazing garden shed for some children with hidden games and storage everywhere – fabulous.

MasterChef: The Professionals

I missed the first episode of this series as I wasn’t expecting it to be shown on BBC2, however thankfully I was able to watch it on BBC iPlayer to catch up before the next episode. Whilst I love watching the amateurs it is always nice to see the really confident chefs get a wake up call when they suddenly have to make something that they haven’t made before (rabbit in headlights look always makes me giggle).

With so many shows to choose from it’s a good job I can take a look at the shows overview to plan my night’s viewing or see what is coming up in the coming days or new series that are about to start. It does make me wonder how I managed without Freeview Play, imagine going back to getting up and down to change the channel, having to review a video tape to make sure you had enough space to record a show plus should you tape it in long play or short play?

What TV shows are you watching at the moment?

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