A vase of flowers on a sunny window

The Best Ways to Bring More Natural Light into Your Home

September 29, 2020

Does your home feel a little drab and dreary? Would you like to bring more natural light into your home? Natural light is important for lifting spirits and improving health. Sunlight is also vital if you want to keep mould, mildew, and viruses at bay.

If you have spaces in your home that are crying out for more natural light, there are a variety of options. Some will require major renovations, while there are others that can transform your home in just a few minutes, and with little expense.

Ideas for Brightening Your Home That Won’t Break the Bank

A vase of flowers on a sunny window

Always open your blinds and curtains

One of the easiest ways to bring in more light is to open your curtains, blinds, and any other window treatments, as far as they will go. It can be easy to rush outside the house for work, forgetting to open your curtains each morning or to lie in bed on a Sunday morning, but it is important to let natural light filter through whenever possible.

Do this every day, and it will quickly become part of your daily routine. Light can make you more energetic, happier and more content in your home. It can also help with depression and lift your mood.You might also want to invest in some better blinds that allow you to let in a little more light. Places like Half Price Blinds have a wide range of options that should be able to meet your needs and help get more natural light into your home.

Have your windows professionally cleaned

Clean your windows on a monthly basis. You can either do this yourself or if you do not have the time, hire professionals to do the job for you. If you are doing it yourself, vinegar and newspaper make great window cleaners.

Change the colour of your room

Darker paint will make your room moodier and smaller. Light, neutral coloured paint can reflect the light and radiate it throughout the house. This is an easy fix, and buying a pot of paint is a cost-effective method of changing the ambience of the room.

Add mirrors

Adding some mirrors will double the amount of sunlight in your room because they allow it to bounce off reflective surfaces. A collection of small mirrors can brighten a dark staircase, or hang a large mirror directly opposite the largest window in a room, and make your room not only lighter but much larger, too.

Major Renovations that Will Bring in More Light

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Adding glass features

Adding a glass wall is a good way to bring in more light and make an interesting feature. Look for thick, opaque, square glass bricks and use them as an internal divider. It’s not the easiest fix for your lighting problem but can be a very effective one if you replace sections of an exterior wall. Headers will need to be installed over the block sections, just as you would if you were adding a window or door.

Replace old windows

Replacing your old windows is a great way to increase natural light. When sunlight is allowed to enter a room, it’s surprising how much bigger it makes it feel. There are many options to choose from whether you want to make a window bigger or simply install a different style.

Adding an aluminium lantern roof to a flat roof is a wonderful way to flood a space with more light. A great alternative to a traditional conservatory or orangery, allowing to keep the structure of a room whilst add that much-needed light.

Trim the trees and shrubs outside

One last suggestion is to trim the trees and shrubs outside your windows. If they are blocking your windows, then how is the sunlight going to get in? You could also invest in a conservatory.

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