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7 Fun Screen-Free Activities to Try with your Kids

May 16, 2022

If you’re actively looking for some screen-free activities that you can get your kid engrossed in, we’ve got you some help. Read on to discover some of the best!

The advancement of technology has surely made life a lot easier for all of us, but all of us know and have also experienced at least a few of its pitfalls. So while handing over a tablet and having your little one occupied with Candy Crush and other games for an hour while you run errands may seem ideal, deep down inside, you know it isn’t the best for your kid.

screen-free activities for kids

Fun Screen-Free Activities to Try with your Kids | A person holding a toothbrush

Get Crafty

Art and craft projects are probably the simplest way to keep your child engrossed, but that’s not the only reason to grab those paints and colouring books. Getting your little one involved in such activities can also help boost their creativity and who knows – it might even awaken the Picasso within them!

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DIY the Room

DIY projects are super fun, and planning a few for your kid to get started on can be a great way to get them off the video games. From sticking sequins to sewing felt together – there’s a lot to learn and do, and it can be a really fun process, to say the least. Look up some cool and simple DIY projects that are age-appropriate and encourage your kid to get started.

Time to Cook

Getting your child more involved in the kitchen is like killing two birds with one stone. Not only will it help your child get trained in some basic life skills, but will also keep them engrossed. Maybe even fall in love with cooking. Start with simple recipes and minimal ingredients and then take it up a notch.

Fun Screen-Free Activities to Try with your Kids | A close up of a flower pot


Organising is therapeutic, and encouraging your child to organise their bookshelf, toy cupboard or even their wardrobe can help them learn a lot and also keep them busy. Plus, it will also help them learn lessons in cleanliness – another important life skill you need to introduce them to.

Get Gardening

If you’ve got a garden or are just planning to start one, getting your kid involved is an excellent thing to do. Gardening can help you and your little one get more relaxed, learn the importance of patience and even grasp some important scientific concepts.

Grab the Board Games

One of the easiest ways to make sure the TV and all other electronics are ignored is to get out the board games and watch how fun the atmosphere in your home suddenly becomes. Have a board game night every week – it’ll not just minimise your kid’s screen time but also get you all to enjoy some quality time together.

Get Science-y!

Whether your kid is a science lover or not, those cool at-home science experiments are usually a lot of fun, and also help your kid learn a lot in the process. Look up some good books or kits available and get your hands on them to get started!

I hope that these screen-free activities help you encourage your child to put down the tech and have some fun.

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