The best school shoes for children

April 12, 2021

The beginning of the school year is always an important moment. Children at home tend to be in a bit of a frenzy and you need to make sure that everything is ready for the new adventure. The checklist includes the school bag, exercise books, textbooks and the pencil case containing pens, rubbers and pencils. It is also essential that your kids have the right pair of school shoes. Ideally, you want them to last. Your children will need shoes that can withstand the daily activities in and out of the classroom. Comfortable shoes will help their feet through a hectic timetable.

Easy to wear, tough and practical

The first thing to remember is that school shoes should be easy to wear, tough and practical. You don’t want your children to come back home with tears in their eyes because they got blisters. Long-lasting comfort can be achieved by buying shoes made of soft premium materials that have strong soles and perfectly positioned padding. If they have a toe bumper, that would be even better. At Start-Rite they have a wide selection of smart and casual riptape school shoes both for boys and girls. Prices are also very favourable thanks to this fantastic Start-Rite discount code.

Design as well as comfort

Comfort and protection are indeed invaluable features when purchasing a new pair of shoes, but a modern style is also recommended. Your children most likely will be happier if you take into consideration school shoes that have a nice design. Especially older kids might prefer a lace-up style brogue that would look great both in and out of school. They might be slightly formal, but a classic and elegant cut is always appreciated. Brogue shoes for sure would look trendy and they would be functional. A lightweight and flexible sole would also be ideal for natural movement and healthy foot development.

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom

We can’t forget that school isn’t only about going to class. As soon as the lessons are over and there is a break, children can’t wait to hop, skip and jump with their friends in the courtyard. Leather shoes might not be so adequate for this kind of activity and you may want to think of canvas school plimsolls. In order for them to be suitable for indoor sports and soft play areas, they should be sturdy and durable. Once again, a well-cushioned insole is another factor to keep in mind, so that children can play and feel comfortable at the same time.

Physical education classes will require a good pair of school trainers. When your children are running around the gym or they are taking part in games, they will need shoes with a proper grip because they won’t enjoy it if they are slipping every two seconds. The tip is to get hold of trainers with flexible soles. You should also remember that their feet are likely to sweat and children won’t be very happy if they have such an unpleasant feeling. Breathable shoes are necessary to achieve lasting freshness while playing sports. Our advice is to double-check that the trainers have antibacterial linings to avoid feet getting too hot and sweaty.

school shoes for children

Vegan school shoes

Parents who are particularly sensitive about the well-being of animals and who have the environment at heart will be pleased to know that they can also find vegan school shoes. They are usually made of synthetic fabrics which have the same quality as traditional leather shoes. You can get regular brogue lace-ups that meet high standards: the only difference is that the shoes would be without any animal product. Durability and water-resistance are characteristics that you should consider as well when purchasing vegan-friendly school shoes.

Good foot health

Getting the best pair of shoes for children is important because it can have an impact on the child’s development. For example, when you are buying the next school shoes for your boy or your girl, you should remember that a good posture can also depend on good shoes. Children should wear shoes that take the strain off their back. Reliable information to understand the essentials of good foot health is provided by The Society of Shoe Fitters in the guide to the developing child. Once you have a clearer picture, you are ready to get a stylish and comfortable fit for your beloved children’s feet.

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