REVIEW: Whoops! from Natural & Clean

March 1, 2012

As any parent will tell you no matter how many times you tell ask your children to be careful they always manage to make a mess.

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About Natural & Clean:
  • Our products are free from Solvents, Bleach and Phosphates. The ingredients and fragrances are derived from plant extracts
  • As a company we are passionate and pride ourselves on being able to blend science and nature to produce innovative ecological cleaning products. We focus on the environmental impact of our products, without compromising on their quality and performance.
  • We want everyone to enjoy an environment that is comfortable and clean. Our Mission and vision is to make, distribute and sell the finest quality range of cleaning products, utilising where possible 100% recycled, biodegradable products with a continued commitment to creating cleaning formulations from organic materials and promoting business practices that respect the Earth and the Environment
  • Our philosophy is simple, we believe we can make a difference by creating and introducing the consumer to cleaner, healthier way of living through innovation and production of cleaning products that put the environment first.

This is why Whoops!, the essential baby & toddler clean up kit can come in very handy.

The kit contains:
2 x 30g Absorbent Granules
2 x Card Scraper / Scoops
2 x Polythene Gloves
2 x Disposable Bags
4 x Spot Remover Sachets
1 x 50ml Hand Sanitiser
1 x 30ml Deodoriser

How the kit works:
1. Sprinkle absorbent granules over the spill. The granules will then turn the liquid to a gel.
2. Using the scraper and scoop remove the solidified spill.
3. If traces remain on surface use the spot remover wipes provided.
4. Spray deodoriser liberally onto affected area.
5. Dispose of remains in the bag supplied.

Suitable for use on carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces – take care on leather.


Where to buy:
Natural & Clean website

How I got on:
In my haste to use the kit after a spillage I didn’t manage to take any pictures (sorry).

After Tigger managed to get the lid off his beaker I made a dash to the kitchen to grab the Whoops! kit. All the packets inside are clearly labelled so you know which is which when you are rushing to sort out the latest mess.

I was quite surprised how far the granules will go, so although I only had a relatively small spill I’m confident that one packet would have cleared up a much bigger mess. I found it really interesting to watch the granules turn into a gel (sad I know!). Scraping up the gel was fairly straight forward although you need to make sure you have folded it along the scored line to make it into a scoop and giving it more stability.

It’s great to see that every aspect of the clean up has been thought off, from the gloves, hand sanitiser and disposal bags!

This would be a great kit to keep in the car, under the pushchair or even in your changing bag (you never know when the next whoops is going to happen!)

More Information:

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A close up of a device   M and Line
Boo xxx

Disclosure Policy: I received the Whoops! kit for the purpose of this review

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