NaturePaint Campion {Review}

May 25, 2013
Earlier this year when we were still in the planning stage of our bedroom renovations we were contacted by NaturePaint who offered us the opportunity to review their child-friendly wall paint. Finally last week with the builders almost finished we were able to make a start on decorating Roo’s bedroom. I opted for Campion from their paint range (currently offering 62 colours to choose from).

How to mix NaturePaint:

You will need a clean mixing bucket or bowl, measuring jug, and a large spoon or spatula (although I would recommend using a drill mixer if you have access to one).
  • Measure 1.5L of warm tap water into a mixing bucket
  • Add the powder in small amounts – about 100g at a time – mixing as you go
  • Scrape the sides of the mixing bucket to ensure all the dry powder is dispersed
  • Once mixed, wait 20 minutes to thicken then remix briefly (The dried paint colour will match the colour card, don’t worry if the powder or mixed paint look slightly different)

1kg of powder makes 2.5L paint when mixed with 1.5L water (sufficient for 25-30m2 coverage). Mix enough quantity in a single batch – you can store the mixed paint covered in a cool place for up to three days. 

Once mixed and left to thicken it is still not the consistency of other paints you may have used. Being quite runny I would recommend that you use a roller to apply the paint to the walls. As with all paints, it is recommended that you apply two thin coats instead of one thick coat. As our walls had recently been replastered we opted to do a miss coat with white emulsion and PVA to help seal the plaster.

After two applying two coats of Campion the subtle pink was starting to take shape although it was still a little patchy in places, however, I’m not sure if this is due to the newly plastered walls or because of the thin coats applied.

A close up of a pink wall
NaturePaint – Campion (2 Coats)

As we had a few patches we opted to add a third coat which soon evened out the walls and had a lovely solid colour.

Your newly painted room is safe to use immediately, but the natural protective capabilities and durability of NaturePaint will continue to increase over the next 1-2 weeks, so avoid stains and splashes during this time.

After having the walls painted for almost a week now I can see that the colour has deepened, matured and I’m really pleased with the Campion colour.

A close up of a door
NaturePaint – Campion (3 Coats)

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

Mixing the paint can really use up your elbow grease supplies so I really would recommend either borrowing a drill mixer or hiring one. As the paint is a much thinner consistency I would recommend applying using a roller or paint pad otherwise you’ll find it running down the handle of your paintbrush.

Whilst it may be a little more difficult to apply than other brands the fact that it is safe to use around children, even safe to sleep in as soon as you’ve finished painting really does outweigh this. The finished colour is much better than anticipated and Roo loves her new pink walls

We have received two packets of Campion NaturePaint FOC for the purpose of review.

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