When did you last have a family games night? #cbias

May 25, 2013

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Have you ever sat down and wondered when you last spent an evening having fun as family?

We often take Roo and Tigger out and about but when we are at home we are often busy catching up on household chores etc. So family time at home usually consists of making sure Roo has read her reading book and completed her homework. With Tigger it usually involves anything to do with Thomas the Tank from home zooming passed my ankles as I’m hanging the washing out etc.

I want this to change, I want us to have more fun as a family and that shouldn’t mean having to leave the house to find it. Next week we are going on our first real family holiday and as Mr Boo’s holiday weeks from work go Saturday to Friday (silly I know, don’t get me started) I decided that I wanted us to get into the family fun spirit early.

So this afternoon Roo and I headed off to our local Asda to purchase supplies for a family games night. As soon as we headed into the carpark I realised that I had picked the wrong day to go shopping as it is tourist season in Great Yarmouth and Saturday is changeover day. Oh well we are here now…

Click here to see photos from our shopping trip
The shopping trip didn’t start well as there was not a great selection of family games to choose from to in the end we decided to stick with the games we had a home. After picking up a selection of Coca-Cola and tasty treats we headed home. We even managed to find my very own DietCoke named bottle…

A close up of a bottle

After putting the shopping away we headed up to Roo’s bedroom to see which game we should play first. I love a good game of Monopoly but it can go on forever and I’m not sure Tigger would be interested in playing. The Cludeo game we were actually given as wedding present from one of Mr Boo’s friends. He obviously thought that once you are married you stay home and play board games (aw bless that naive single boy!).

A close up of a refrigerator

Twister is always a firm favourite, if not a little smelly being that close to everyone’s feet! Problem with Twister is that I’m always tempted too tickle everyone. Roo had a blast playing this, Tigger started well but whenever we say a colour he would just stand on that colour. Oh well at least he was practicing his colours.

A little girl lying on a bed

Too much of a good thing? Roo and Tigger decided they had played enough games and snuggled on the sofa watching a film. I do love that they are happy to snuggle up together, I wonder how long this will last??

A little girl holding a baby

After enjoying a fun family evening I really want to make this into a regular thing once or twice a month. Switching off the phones, closing the door on the household chores and just enjoying each others company and have fun and games.

Do you have family fun nights?

What activities do you get up to? 

Please share your hints, tips and games (I’m looking for ideas)
Boo xxx

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