REVIEW: Back to School with Sonic the Hedgehog

July 26, 2013
Back to School with Sonic the Hedgehog Soft Lunchbox

I can remember having my favourite character on my lunchbox when I was at school, a pink ‘My Little Pony’ hard lunchbox that was a pain in the bum to open. Times have changed since I was at school and soft lunch boxes are now a more versatile and easier for children to open.

Something else I remember from my childhood is Sonic the Hedgehog, enjoying collecting all the rings whilst playing on my SEGA Master System (yes, I am really that old). Something that has obviously been passed down through my DNA to Roo is the love of playing Sonic the Hedgehog.

Roo can be found zooming along the levels on the iPad Sonic Dash game, even Tigger likes to sit net to her and watch her as she enjoys one of her favourite games. Recently we attended a Christmas open house event in London, which they had set up a Sonic bedroom. I really didn’t think she was going to leave!

So when we were offered the opportunity to take a look at the new Sonic back to school range I jumped at the chance. Earlier this week a Sonic soft lunchbox (RRP £9.99) arrived and Roo immediately asked if she could take it to school the following day.

Back to School with Sonic the Hedgehog Soft Lunchbox

Taking a closer look at the lunchbox I could see that thought had gone it functionality of it. From a soft but strong carry handle, name tag and amble space inside to hold a sandwich box and drinks bottle.

Back to School with Sonic the Hedgehog Soft Lunchbox
Why have you got a boy’s lunchbox?? asked Freya
Because I love Sonic!’ replied Roo

Other items available in the Sonic back to school range…
Sonic Rusksack, RRP £10.00 and Sonic Drinks Bottle, RRP £4.99

Back to School with Sonic the Hedgehog RucksackBack to School with Sonic the Hedgehog Drinks Bottle

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Boo xxx

Disclosure Policy: We received a Sonic Soft Lunchbox FOC for the purpose of review.

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