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How to Discover the Best Residential Complexes in Dubai for Families: A Comprehensive Guide

June 22, 2023

Are you a family person who wants to buy flats in residential complexes under construction in Dubai and wondering how to go about it? Or are you a homeowner looking to move and change properties and, therefore, need an excellent place for you and your loved ones? Whatever the case, if you do not know how to distinguish the best residential complexes from the others, you are likely to settle for less than what you bargained for.

Two ways actually happen. First, you may take a property that is less than your expectations and fails to meet your need, or you may end up in a sham neighborhood where it is war to get anything you need. This article combines answers from various home hunters on how they got a good house that suits their needs in the Dubai Property Market. Do not snooze on this; please stick to the end; you will likely learn something or two. 

How to Discover the Best Residential Complexes in Dubai for Families: A Comprehensive Guide

A Guide for Choosing – Things to Check For as a family person

You must check for certain things as a family person if you mean business. Business, in this case, is the comfort of your family and loved ones. It is as critical as anything else and essential, or you may move sooner than expected. As a family person, here are some things to consider before concluding on a residential apartment.

  1. A community kind of location

This may depend on the kind of person you are, whether your family is very sociable or whether you all prefer to be left alone. Regardless, it will help to live in a place where there’s a community-like lifestyle. If not for the familiarity, for the opportunity to mingle, rather than being in isolation. This is also important when you have children as it will help them improve their social skills.

  1. Playground for Children

This is solely for the kiddos. Residential premises without a children’s play area inside the compound, or at least a central playground in the building, may not be best for a family. As mentioned earlier, kids need an open space to explore and play while meeting others their age.

  1. Grocery Stores/Malls

Having a grocery store/mall nearby cannot be exaggerated. You will crash into these places when you don’t have enough ingredients to complete your meal. You frankly cannot afford to drive 20 minutes to grab a jar of sea salt – that alone can cause a loss of appetite. A Mall is great, and a grocery store less than 5 minutes away could be a lifesaver. Having a local market around will also aid with local dishes and cuisines.

  1. Parking Space

Many reality TV cases could have been avoided with parking spaces. They can cause a lot of drama and raucous. Please consider parking space in the residential apartment to have some respect and space for yourself, your family, and your neighbor. You will be shocked that, to date, some complexes have minimal to no arrangement for parking space!

  1. Access Road

The access road is another critical feature to check for in a residential building. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic for hours, merely trying to get into your building. Lack of/clogged access roads could be a real problem, so consider it.

  1. Number of rooms

Of course, a family house needs larger rooms and apartments than people living alone. 

How to Discover the Best Residential Complexes in Dubai for Families: A Comprehensive Guide

Adding your Considerations

Now, it is time to add your flare and needs to the long list above. What do you and your family prefer individually and collectively, such as places to visit, favorite meals, etc? You need to ensure that such locations are not too far from the house, or at least they are within short driving distances. Personalizing this list requires you to add your personal touch in concluding what is best for your home. If you still need clarifications, please read more on the official website Emirates.Estate.

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