The Secret Of Style? Determining Your Own Path

The Secret Of Style? Determining Your Own Path

June 22, 2023


You may be given thousands of words worth of advice to help you with your fashion and style choices, but the truth is, you have to make the ultimate decision. No one is going to dress you, and even if you do have a stylist, you have to agree to the garments you accept.

As such, fashion is always, always, always about you, and how you choose to express yourself to the world. Sometimes, the simplest statement of expression is “I want to feel comfortable right now,” and that’s absolutely valid too. You don’t have to wear your sharpest suit to mail packages at the post office.

However, it’s also true that when you do want to make that effort or to unlock what style means to you, it’s always helpful to take conventional wisdom and second-guess it, considering if that really does apply to you and what that means. In this post, we’ll discuss the secret of style and how to benefit yourself in line with that. Without further ado, please consider:

Secret of Style: How to Make It benefit yourself

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A Simple, Cohesive Outfit Is Powerful

You’d be surprised just how good-looking a simple outfit that works together can be. For example, finding many different threads that fit together and help structure a competent look is easy when you use a range dedicated to smart, sleek and creative stylistic choices such as The Ordinary.

A simple outfit with a couple of layers can work well together. Keeping your color palette simple with one or two features to direct the eye helps you look both composed and expressive, no matter if it’s formal or casual wear you’re most concerned with.

Experiment With Your Disparate Tastes

It’s always healthy to experiment with disparate tastes that allow you to add a unique flavor to your outfit choices. This may be as simple as replacing the laces in your neutral shoes for something more eye-catching. You might decide to wear a relatively bold-color messenger bag with your formal work outfit, such as a plum color, a style that is unmistakable in belonging to you. A number of choices like this not only work together, but help you add both uniformity and stylistic passion as one, not as an either/or. For many, that balance is hard to walk, but you’ll have achieved it deftly.

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Celebrate Culture & Your Taste

All fashion is an expression of culture, but of course, sometimes cultural garments can be more authentic than others. This can be especially important if travelling. If heading to India, for instance, you may decide to wear flowing robes that help you fit in with the locals, express patterns and design with a creative eye, and can help you absorb and understand that culture more easily.

Your own taste and twists may come into play with your own cultural authenticity, which if you have a lineage you’d like to respect, could be a wonderful element of your wardrobe. Here you can walk your own path while respecting those that came before you.

With this advice, you’re sure to understand the secret of style and apply it to your own wardrobe, having fun, never out of obligation.

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