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Preparing for weaning

June 17, 2016

With Piglet now at the magical six months old I have started to think about weaning. With Roo and Tigger, they were both well into their weaning journey by the time they reached six months. However, Piglet is quite content with her milk but has started to show the classic signs that she is getting ready to wean.

  • Has good head and neck control
  • Is able to stay in a seated position when supported
  • Has good hand-eye coordination
  • Is watching us eat and has made attempts to grab food from the dinner table

Preparing for weaning

Whilst she is not quite ready I want to make sure that I have everything I need for her when we do decide to introduce food into her diet.


One of those really important baby equipment decisions after which pushchair you want to use and baby’s cot. When I started to wean Roo I bought a great big pink highchair, because it was, well, pink and that it could be used up high on its own or in a lower position for use at the table. It was awful. Living in a small terraced house it took up far too much room, it was a nightmare to clean and wasn’t really suitable for us as a family.

This time round I’ve done my research I have looked at many, many different highchairs. Looking at the different functions that they all offer and time after time I keep coming back to a highchair that I saw at the Baby Show when Tigger was a baby – the Stokke Tripp Trapp.

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Feeding Spoons

When Tigger was weaning (which feels like a lifetime ago) I tried many different feeding spoons with him and it took a while before we found ones that he seemed to like. It was the Munchkin feeding spoons range that I found he liked the best so when it came to getting some for Piglet I didn’t hesitate in getting a pack or two of Munchkin spoons – which come in a range of fun bright colours.

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Whilst Roo and Tigger were both spoon fed babies, I am hoping to try baby led weaning with Piglet. Looking at her little personality I can already see that she is a strong-willed individual so I can’t see her being keen on me trying to feed her. So I’ve grabbed a selection of cheap children’s tableware from IKEA that will hopefully withstand the throwing on the food etc that comes with weaning.

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I was given a range of bibs at my baby shower, however, Piglet isn’t keen on wearing them so I’m guessing we’ll be stripped down to her vest each mealtime for an easy clean up.

Is there anything I’ve missed?


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