5 Ways Parents Can Prepare For The Unexpected

5 Ways Parents Can Prepare For The Unexpected

April 6, 2023


How prepared are you for even a minor emergency at home? As any parent will tell you, you must be prepared for the unexpected. Busy family life can throw a whole multitude of issues at you, and being prepared for as many different variables as possible can help you to weather the storm and get back on track with ease.

But how do you plan for the unexpected?

Planning for the unexpected

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Insurance Premiums

Emergencies can range from losing your keys when you need to leave work to accidents causing injuries or damage to your home or worse. Different insurance premiums can help you offset the cost of replacing lost wages, household items, etc. From personal injury premiums to income protection, home insurance, buildings insurance, car insurance and more, you can look into different types of insurance policies to see how they will benefit your life and be confident you are covered for as many different things as you see fit.


It can be worthwhile to have the number of a few different professionals in your phone for those times when you might need them. You never know when something will go wrong, and these things rarely happen at convenient times too, so being reared by having numbers for services such as a 24 hour locksmith, plumber, electrician, builder, lawyer, your bank and more can help you to get the help you need when you need it to limit the damage and disruption to your life.

Sinking Funds

Sinking funds have become popular in recent years thanks to their ability to separate savings and remove the need to dip into them. A sinking fund is a savings account for a specific purpose. It can be for car repairs, appliance breakdowns, to cover a loss of wages or literally anything else. While you might have a savings account already, putting money away for different things, including emergencies, can be helpful in getting you back on your feet.

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Organise Your Finances

While this doesn’t seem like it will be beneficial if things go wrong in your life, having your finances in order, lower debt levels and being able to stay on top of your income can help you to limit the impact an emergency can have on your life. It is best to organise your finances as soon as possible to put you in a good position should you struggle.

Put a budget in place, stick to it, pay down debts and live within your means to help you improve your financial health and avoid your credit score taking a hit should you experience a loss or drop in income.

Make A Will

No one likes to think they will need a will, but what will happen to your life, money, property and children should you pass away unexpectedly? Emergencies can come in many forms, and the loss of life can be one of them. Ensure you are ready for this change in circumstances by having your will written and legalised so everyone knows your wishes.

Make sure those around you know what you want; if you wish to be an organ donor, you have asked permission for others to be guardians should this be required, and any arrangements for the property, belongings, funeral arrangements along with medical care, such as whether or not you wish to be placed on life support or you want a do not resuscitate order.


Emergencies are just that. Things that happen outside of your control. However, having small things in place to help you make the best of a bad situation can get you back on track easier and limit its effect on your life.

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