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Different Types of Automotive Locksmithing

January 12, 2021

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For more information on professional locksmithing services, including automotive locksmithing solutions, take a look at the article below.

Locksmithing is a lot more than making new keys for your home. With the evolution of everything around us, locksmithing has adapted too. For the automotive world, this couldn’t be more accurate. Locksmithing 30 years ago, while it looked similar to some of the services offered today, technology has changed substantially. Security chips, radio frequencies, and more have replaced mechanical, to provide a better user experience. 

Automotive locksmithing is diverse and dependent on the technology and tools the company or locksmith possesses. Not everyone can do the same services, and it’s essential to ask before the locksmith arrives at your location. Most auto locksmiths offer mobile services for added convenience and cost savings. 

Automotive locksmithing services

automotive locksmith

Car Key Programming

Programming a car key simply means the key will be linked to the computer that operates your car. This is a specialized service that requires specific computer programs or tools. Many people are used to taking their car to a dealership to have car keys cut and programmed, but in many cases, this isn’t necessary, especially for semi older cars. If your vehicle requires a transponder key, it will need to be programmed before it will work. You won’t be able to start your car without it.

Emergency Lockouts

If you’ve been locked out of your car, lost your key, an emergency lockout is a service for you. With new technology, it’s getting harder to lock yourself out of the car, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Locking your keys in the car is often the situation. The locksmith can quickly get you back in your vehicle, make a new key, and much more. Emergency lockouts are usually available 24-hours a day and there when you need them the most. Lockouts can also include:

Duplicating Keys

If you’re down to one key and want the reassurance should you lose one, creating a duplicate is the answer. Keys now may need programming to work, which requires updated technology and the right equipment. When you need a new key cut, the locksmith can duplicate the key just as it came out of the factory. 

Car Key Extraction

Older keys can become brittle and break. When this happens inside the lock or ignition, the key will become a problem. Your locksmith will extract the broken key restoring function to the lock or ignition. This service is more geared towards older vehicles with traditional lock and key scenarios. Newer model keys or cars that don’t utilize the standard key for starting operations won’t fall into this category.


When looking for a quality locksmith, you should look for those that offer the services you need and a track record for success. Different vehicles need different equipment to marry keys and auto computers. Some cars require a dealership for service to pair the transponder or keys to the computer. Incorrectly performing this procedure could leave you without a key. For more information on professional locksmithing services, including automotive locksmithing solutions, visit LA Best Locksmith online today.

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