How your teen can develop a positive self-identity

How your teen can develop a positive self-identity

August 10, 2023

Whatever your teen learns and experiences during their adolescent life is most likely to shape them as a person, and those experiences are also going to have some influence on their entire life. Teens especially try to have different personalities, explore passions and hobbies, and observe all the other people in their lives during the formative years of their lives. The combination of these things ideally builds up the unique personality of their teen.

Self-identity: What parents need to know

As a parent, you are most likely to play a massive role of witness and guide to the growth of your teen’s maturation and self-identity formation. It is essential for you to understand how you can support the growth of your teen and help them create a strong, positive sense of both self and identity as you know by now that identity is a personal journey your teen will navigate mainly on their own.

Additionally, you need to know that self-identity development for teens is quite vast. One of the critical elements of being a teenager is the development of a confident and stable sense of self. Usually, the teenage years are the first time an individual begins thinking about how their identity may affect not only their future but also their life. It also leads for many teens to become quite self-conscious about themselves and how they see themselves, which later leads to the experimental stage.

How your teen can develop a positive self-identity
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No doubt some teens can learn and understand their identity in a healthy and age-appropriate way. Still, for a majority of teens, the self-identity formation might turn out to be risky and promiscuous behaviours, which can in turn to be a negative and lasting image for the rest of their lives. For parents of troubled teens, participation in harmful and inappropriate behaviour can be pretty concerning. So the new year has just started, and it is an excellent time for parents to support their kids in building a healthier self.

How do teens see themselves?

You need to know that teens’ identity is ideally all about an encompassing view a teen develops about what encourages them or moves them. There are a plethora of factors that indeed play a fantastic role in the formation of identity. As per a recent survey, it was concluded that the top two things teens use to define who they are include parents and family” and “hobbies and activities.

How your teen can develop a positive self-identity
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Things to know about Teen Identity Development

In simple terms, identity is all about one’s sense of as an individual and their definition with regard to values, beliefs, and role in the world. You need to know that self-identity in the insolent life forms the basis of self-esteem later in life. You can also say that the identity of the teen is a result of a plethora of internal and external factors. No doubt, the teen has some control over their identity development.

Still, some environmental factors, including peers, family, school, ethnic identity, and other social environments, are not in their control, which also plays a massive role in the identity development of a teen.

Importance of Teen Identity Development

Identity formation in teens is all about a strong sense of self, personality, and connection to others. Above all, one thing is for sure a positive teen self-identity plays a crucial role. It is mainly because it shapes the perception of teens belonging not just for their teen years but also for most of their teen’s adult life. Furthermore, a positive self-identity is mainly related to higher self-esteem.

Parents can help teenagers develop a strong sense of self with regard to positive reinforcements of effort, good choices, and perseverance. Experts believe that identity development is one of the essential processes for the teen when it comes to establishing an identity that leads to role confusion and a weak sense later in life.

How your teen can develop a positive self-identity
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ways to help your teen to develop a Positive Self-Identity

  • Encourage creativity- As a parent, all you need to do is share your passions with them, and if you feel they aren’t for them, then don’t worry. It would be best to allow them to pursue their interests and explore. Indeed you can learn something new in the process of trying something new which you have never done before. One thing you need to know as a parent is not to bring in your own biases, judgments, or shame around different activities. You just need to free yourself from any past programming and let your kids be themselves.
  • Allow your kids to choose what interests them and don’t put your dreams on them- You have to help your teens identify the positive things they are finding out about who they are and who they want to be as your teen makes valuable self-discoveries. You just need to teach your teen to view themselves in a positive manner will benefit them throughout their life as identity is something that evolves and continues to grow over a lifetime.
  • Praise and point out your kid’s strengths- It is essential to acknowledge and praise all their natural strengths and abilities you see developing in your teen as their parent’s opinions positively influence teens. It will contribute to a robust and healthy identity because this will help your teen feel confident and boost their self-esteem.
  • Learn about the motto that describes what your family stands for- Teens tend to get the most of their identity from your family dynamic, so you need to ensure that your teen is added into a guided family discussion with regards to what your family believes, values, and stands for and then come up with a motto about what your family means.
  • Help your teen to understand the importance of celebrating and protecting their identity- Often, teens tend to struggle when their friends or peers tease them. Hence it would be best to teach them some of the valuable things where they should be celebrating and protecting their identity. Additionally, it would be best if you also made your kids understand that they must celebrate useful things.

Hence, your teen may be suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression if they are struggling with loving the person they are or having some signs of being disinterested in themselves, their family, or activities.

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