Practical or Pretty?

October 28, 2013
I don’t want something I need
I want something I want
Something pretty

Christmas is coming, faster than some of us would like… for me it can’t get here quick enough as it is my favourite time of year. I love the build up to it all from putting up the decorations, making Christmas crafts, mince pies and making the first visit of the year to tell Santa what we are looking for under the Christmas tree.

Christmas shopping to me is not just about buying whatever for someone, it’s about buying that something that they want. Whether it is their favourite perfume that they won’t treat themselves too throughout the year and hope that someone will buy for them at Christmas. It could be that toy that whenever the advert comes on they tell you all about how wonderful it is and they really, really, really want it.

There are those who are easy to buy for, happy with whatever you buy them. There are those who no matter what you think of it is just not what they wanted (despite you asking for hints since the summer). There are those who opt for something practical over something pretty.

I’m starting to think whether I fall into the last category, this year I’d really love a breadmaker. That’s right a breadmaker! I want the ability to have freshly made bread whenever I want, the fabulous aroma of freshly baked bread and to be able to show my children how bread is made. Does this make me boring?

A piece of bread on a cutting board
(Image credit – Red Ted Art)
Anyway we have just come back from our annual Christmas shopping trip to Lakeside and whilst I managed to get most of the things we had on a list for everyone I couldn’t find anything that I liked for my Mam. You see my Mam is a little like me, opting for practical over pretty so I wondering whether to treat her to a really nice pair of boots. I’ve been looking at and they have a wide range of brands to chose from.

I did come across some hot pink boots in the Daniel Footwear selection, although I’m not too sure that they would be my Mam’s cup of tea! As she lives ‘up north’ I’m thinking something sturdy with a good grip on the bottom for when she is out walking the dog or attempting the walk to work in the winter frost.

Would you prefer something practical for Christmas or something pretty?

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: This post is brought to you in collaboration with Daniel Footwear, although I am looking to get my Mam some new boots for Christmas.

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