Postpartum self-care

Postpartum self-care

March 15, 2022

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Adjusting to life after birth can be difficult, but with a little postpartum self-care, you’ll be healing and growing into this new role of motherhood. Enjoy the first stages of motherhood, give yourself grace, honor your body and remember self-care is not selfish.

Congratulations on becoming a mother, whether it’s the first time or the second, third… This is such an amazing and wonderful time in your life. Your body has just been through an incredible transformation, and you’re now responsible for a tiny human being. The expectations for moms are endless and the transition is not always easy. Birth takes a toll on your body and mind and the journey is only beginning. Your baby needs you.

In the days and weeks following childbirth, it is important to not lose sight of your own needs and take some time to focus postpartum self-care. Your baby needs you, and it is essential that you take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of your child.

Adjusting to life after birth

Adjusting to life after birth can be challenging. There is so much to learn and so much to do, and it feels like you’re constantly being pulled in a million different directions. But it’s important to remember that you are not alone in this. There are plenty of other moms out there who can offer support and advice. Lean on them when you need to and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

A lot of women experience traumatic births, and that can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you are feeling overwhelmed or like you can’t cope, please seek professional help. New moms experience a flurry of mixed emotions. Give yourself grace and remember all new things are challenging. It’s ok if everything doesn’t feel perfect. You’re doing great! If you believe you’re experiencing postpartum depression, seek out a therapist to help you with the transition.

Postpartum self-care - Rest


Rest feels like one of those things that’s totally unattainable when you have a newborn. But it’s so important for your mental and physical health to get as much rest as you can.

Ask for help where you can. If you have friends or family who are willing to help out, take them up on it! They’ll likely be more than happy to hold you snuggly baby while you take a power nap.

Forgo the cleaning and laundry during nap time and catch some Zzzs yourself. If things are overwhelming and you need a tidy to function or feel sane, consider hiring out cleaning, having your partner step in or doing a quick tidy.

Consider ordering take-out to make time for a power nap or reheat a frozen meal. You’ll feel so much better- trust me.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, lay down with your eyes closed and simply rest. Your body needs it and will thank you.

Postpartum self-care - Beauty


Your pre-birth beauty regimen might not be the best idea post-birth, but feeling confident and more like yourself will help you adjust post-birth.

Your skin is likely more sensitive and you don’t want to overdo it. Consider a milder approach this time around using natural ingredients. If skin issues persist, seek out a dermatologist.

Many women experience hair loss post-birth. This is normal and will eventually stop. In the meantime, consider using a hair loss shampoo and avoid heat tools. Try simple low maintenance hairstyles that require little effort.

If makeup is a chore for you, skip the makeup altogether. Instead, if you’d like to add color, use a tinted balm that can double as a lip and cheek moisturizer.

Postpartum self-care - Diet


What you eat is so important, but postpartum you may not have the energy to cook healthy meals. Focus on nutrient-dense foods that will give you the most bang for your bite. Consider smoothies, pre-made salads and soups, and simple protein sources like hard-boiled eggs.

Stay hydrated by sipping on water throughout the day and avoid too much caffeine. We know that an extra cup of coffee is tempting but for most people, the extra caffeine can cause anxiety and disrupt sleep patterns.

Postpartum self-care - Exercise

Get moving

Just getting outside for a walk can help improve your energy and mood. As you start to feel better, consider adding in some light strength training, stretching, or other exercises that you enjoy. Be sure to ask your doctor when certain exercises are appropriate for you.

Postpartum self-care

Connect with your partner

Be sure to connect with your partner and allow them to provide emotional support. Spend time together, go on walks, or just relax in each others’ company. Enjoy this new phase of your relationship!

Be sure to build connections other than through your baby. Send them a thoughtful text sans baby pic (send those too), or snuggle after the baby falls asleep, cook or shower together, you name it. Just make sure you carve out time to connect with your partner.

Adjusting to life after birth can be difficult, but with a little postpartum self-care, you’ll be healing and growing into this new role of motherhood. Enjoy the first stages of motherhood, give yourself grace, honor your body and remember self-care is not selfish.

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