Top 14 Tips to Plan Your First International Travel Adventure

February 27, 2023

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So you’ve got your passport and are ready to head towards your first international travel destination. Maybe you’re going to explore the Australian outback, the cities of the USA, or the cultural variety of Asia. It’s an exciting feeling, isn’t it? 

On the other hand, it’s also a daunting feeling as you’re crossing the borders of your country for the first time and don’t know what the world will throw at you. How will you manage it all? How will people treat you? How will you exchange currency? How will you commute within the city? The questions are endless, and there’s no point worrying about the things that can go wrong. Things will go wrong, but you should be prepared so that you are always in control, no matter what situation you’re in. 

That’s the real deal of travelling abroad – you cannot know everything and will have to work your way once you get there. It’s a constant process, and as long as you’re ready to use your brain, it will all fall in place. 

Things to think about when planning an international travel adventure

Top 14 Tips to Plan Your First International Travel Adventure

To help you, here’s some expert advice for a rocking first international travel adventure. 


  1. Visa(s) – The first thing you’ll need to enter a country is a visa or visas if you’re travelling to multiple locations. Please make sure that you have completed all the formalities and already have the visa. Check the requirements in case your destination allows a visa on arrival. 
  2. Carry Copies of your Passport – In case your luggage is stolen or your passport goes missing, keep multiple copies of your passport. This way, you’ll be able to prove your citizenship and get back home. Also, store electronic copies of your passport in your email or on the cloud. 


  1. Medical Insurance – Make sure that your long trip travel insurance provider covers overseas emergencies as well. In case it doesn’t, opt for travel insurance that covers medical emergencies. 


  1. Currency Conversion – Visit an ATM or a bank to get your money converted. They won’t rip you off for exchanging currency and offer precise conversion. 
  2. Ensure that your credit card will work in the country you’re visiting. 
  3. Always have local cash in hand.
  4. Keep your credit cards and cash in a secure place to be safe from pickpockets. 
A person lying on top of a suitcase - Top 14 Tips to Plan Your First International Travel Adventure


  1. Keep an extra pair of clothes in your hand-bag – In case the airline loses your luggage or there’s a delay, you’ll have an extra pair of clothes to freshen up. There are some really cool and durable bags from Condor Tactical with ample storage which might help you pack a little extra.
  2. Verify the Luggage Rules of Your Airline – Every airline has different rules regarding luggage and the number of bags you can carry for free. Make sure that you’re updated with their policy and pack accordingly; otherwise, you’ll have to pay extra. 


  1. Bring a Power Bank – It’s not necessary to find a power source everywhere, and surely you don’t want to get stuck because your phone isn’t working. A power bank is a life-saver on international trips.
  2. Check the Voltage – Most countries run appliances on different voltages. It’s irritating not to be able to use your trimmer as the country you’re visiting works on a different voltage. 

Local Sightseeing

  1. Buy Guidebooks – Guidebooks are your best friend when you don’t have an internet connection. They’ll usually contain a map and all the relevant information you need about a location.
  2. Book in Advance – If you’re interested in going to a particular place or show, book the tickets in advance. By doing so, you’ll be able to save yourself from the hassle of standing in long queues. 
  3. Events in the City – Check for exciting local events happening at the place at the time of your visit. By doing this, you’ll be able to experience the culture and gel with the locals easily. 


It’s an overwhelming feeling to go on your first international adventure – there are endless possibilities and things to experience. You’ll be experiencing a whole new culture and geography. Don’t get overexcited about your international travel plans that you forget to plan efficiently. Proper planning will turn this experience into a beautiful memory that lasts for a lifetime.

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