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Peel Procedures for You

January 21, 2020

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Going to a skincare clinic can be a great way to clear up your skin quickly, However, it is important to only sign up for skincare procedures helpful in your specific case. One type of procedure you may need is called a peel. However, many treatment types are part of the family of procedures known as peels. Knowing their finer points is key when you are deciding which one you need.

What Peels Are and How They Work

To begin, you need to understand peels in general. Any peel procedure potentially has two goals. Those goals are to remove specific blemishes that are visible and to revitalize your skin, including portions of it you cannot see. All peels have an immediate impact on the condition of the surface of your skin. However, some feels reach more skin layers than others.

Methods Used to Perform Clinical Peels

There are a lot of different ways a clinical peel can be performed on your skin. One way is to use chemicals to eliminate dead cells and other offending materials. Another is to use a JetPeel aesthetic device to treat the skin with rapidly moving mixtures of air and liquid. Needles, lasers and other light therapies are also commonly used to treat the surface of the skin in clinics.

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Weighing Peel Procedure Risks to Choose One

One of the ways to choose which peel procedure is right for you is by comparing their respective side effect risks. All peels affect the outside of your skin, which leaves it temporarily more likely to develop infections until it heals. Therefore, you may want to select the peel with the fastest recovery time. However, typically the peels with the fastest healing times are also the lightest in nature, meaning they only produce subtle skin improvements. 

More in-depth peels, such as stronger chemical peels or multi-layered laser treatments, typically involve longer healing times. However, they are still quite safe, as long as you follow the instructions given by your clinician. For example, after many peel procedures, your skin should not be exposed to sunlight too much.

Considering Your Own Personal Risk Factors

Your own personal risk factors are also important to consider because they may rule some procedures out for you. One example is if you have skin that is considered more oily than average. Such skin is more likely to get burned during a laser treatment, but it may benefit from a non-heat based procedure like a JetPeel.

Reviewing Your Options Based on Skin Type

Your skin type can also factor into your eligibility for some peel treatments performed in clinics. That is because some are meant for light skin. Some are also best performed on skin with a certain level of thickness. On the other hand, there are procedures that are completely customized for each person, regardless of skin type. Therefore, you always have options, regardless of your situation.

In general, the procedures that are the newest tend to be the ones more likely to universally work on all skin types. However, you have to talk to your clinician to confirm your procedural eligibility. He or she can perform tests or examine your skin in various ways to make effective suggestions.

Narrowing it Down to the Peel You Need

To narrow down your peel options, consider downtime, side effects and costs. You can also read reviews of various procedures to get a sense of what to expect. A little research and a chat with your local clinician can go a long way toward helping you decide. Once you make that choice, you can start clearing up skin imperfections and reclaiming your healthy glow.

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